Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Week So Far....

Has been.... exhausting, stressful, frightening, expensive, entertaining & exciting! We have been at the doctor's surgery 3 times in 3 days with Nick, his asthma has been bad this last week, waking up in the early hours to hear your child gasping for air is absolutely terrifying, (we almost lost Nick when he was 10 months old after he suffered a massive asthma attack, let me just say, the last few nights have brought back some very scary memories!) after different medications, the doctors finally decided to put Nick on steriods, HELLO why take so bloody long to figure that one out!!!!!! he's only had asthma since he was a baby!!!!! within hours of being on steriods, Nick had improved big time, he's still home from school but doing so much better :)
As for the entertaining & exciting stuff.... Samuel & Tayla had their variety night performances on Wednesday night, Sam's class did a take on the song Grease Lightning.... the kids did an awesome job, & really enjoyed themselves during the performance, Samuel LOVES to dance & it showed... he can just dance & he does it so well!!!! One of the Deputy Principal's said he needs to be on stage, he's so smooth it's incredible, might explain why he is always surrounded by girls LOL!!! Tayla's performance was a bit more subdued, there were several groups showing different aspects of the Gold Coast... she was only on for a few minutes before the whole class got together & sang the final song of the night, so there aren't many photos of Tayla (the lighting was pathetic to say the least!) but they both had a wonderful night & were a little tired today!!
Tomorrow (it's almost Friday as I type this :D) I'm off to Brisbane to meet Elise, Troy, Savanna & baby Blake! I can't wait to meet them... I will be sure to post photos... I just hope I don't get lost, Roy has installed a GPS system in my car... bless him, & I have to phone when I get there & when I leave.... I told him I was a grown woman for crying out loud!!! but I'm so grateful that he is the way he is!! love him to pieces! Okay it's late & I need to get to bed.... goodnight & sweet dreams xxxx


dani said...

you have had a week of peaks and valleys, tanya!!! i hope that nick will be up to par very soon. i'll say a prayer...
the variety night looks great; how fun!!!
speaking of fun... i think it is just awesome that you are getting to go visit elise and co.:D i wish i could drive over and visit, too!!! maybe someday...
have a great visit, and please give them hugs for me!!! and, be careful!!!

Hannah said...

Aweh, they look so cute!
I would be tired, too, if I had danced all night!!

Have a great time tomorrow!!!


Amanda said...

Thats awful about the asthma attack, but i'm glad he's on the mend now Tanya. I'm glad he got to enjoy taking part in his school show, that would be bad if he missed it, after all the hard work.
Enjoy tomorrow with elise and her family. Looking forward to hearing all about it!
Amanda xx

Little Sweethearts said...

That must have been a scary episode (for lack of a better translation of "gebeurtenis" - sorry) to go through with Nick. Glad to hear he's feeling better already. I hope the meds keep working their magic.

Any song from Grease would get my hands in clapping mode, I'm sure I would have loved it!

Be sure to give a biiiiiiiiiiiiig hug to Elise and the rest of the family from me (I'm so jealous you're getting to meet her in person!). Have fun and I'll be checking soon for your new post!


Kat said...

I bet it was awesome :D
I love the pictures, btw
your kids are so cute!

Tabitha said...

I hope that Nick is ok now!
That must be very scarey when that happens.
The photos are great ~ they look like they are having such fun!!

Hope you have a great day tomorrow ~ please give a hug to Elise, Troy, Sav and Blake from me and take lots and lots of piccies!!
love and hugs XXXXXXXXX

Tanya said...

I will be careful D.! & I will pass on all of your hellos & hugs to Elise & co!!!! hopefully I'll post the photos later on today!
Thanks for your well wishes & prayers for Nick!

Have a great day everyone :)

t. xxxx

kristen said...

Asthma is awfulisn't it. My hubby lost his sister to a bad attack. It is very scary.

How exciting meeting Elsie and co. I was reading on another blog about 20 women that all meet up every year for a weekend that blog together. Wouldn't that be fun !
Are you very far from Brissi.

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

What a busy week! Love the pic's of the kids school concert.
How is poor Nick now? You must be so freaked out, hopefully he'll really pick up now the steriods are doing their thing.
Can't wait to read about the visit with Elise, it will be good for her too. Hopefully it will take her mind off her worried with little Blake.
till then,


Lucy said...

Hi Tanya,
You certainly have had your ups and downs this last week. I hope Nick is on the mend now. Thank goodness the doctor has worked out that steroids is the way to go. I can imagine that it was just awful and bought bad memories of when you almost lost him.
The concert looked like a hoot. Any music from Grease is just so entertaining. I always loved to go to the school musicals when my girls wher in high school. I even attended a couple when Elise was teaching. Elise,Troy.Savanna and Blake visited this evening. Elise told me she caught up with you and had a great time chatting and getting to know you better.
Hugs and best wishes

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