Saturday, 7 February 2009

23rd Anniversary....

Tuesday 3rd February... It was our very first date... 23 years ago! Yay to us!!!! We went to The Thompson Twins concert in the city, followed by dinner at Jimmy'sOn The Mall...

You will have to click off my blog to hear the music...

Photos taken by Tayla.... thank you baby xxxx

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Friday, 6 February 2009


Remembering Ava.. "Super Princess" Always in my heart & always remembered! We released balloons for Ava yesterday.. I watched with tears as they floated away until I could no longer see them... Tayla & Samuel collected shells and laid them out to spell Ava's name.. I love my children so much it hurts.. yes even when they are driving me crazy.. it's times like this.. that make me so very grateful that I'm able to do all the things with my children.. hug them, read to them, kiss them goodnight, explore new places with them, tell them I love them & hear "I love you too"... all the things we so often take for granted! I treasure every moment I have with my family even more than ever... Thank you Ava... xxxxx

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