Friday, 30 May 2008

I'm Back..

HOPEFULLY!!!! Hi everyone hope you are all well!!! have been a bad blogger LOL. I've been having major computer problems... hubby bought me a laptop just before Mother's Day.. anyway since then our main computer is having problems with internet connection, photos disappearing & other stuff, the laptop is ok with internet but doesn't have all my stuff on there yet!! well now the laptop is having issues.. photos have gone (I had no copies!!!!) and I have all this stuff on there and we have no idea where it came from!! something else I have noticed... when I visit a blog that has Feedjit (i think that's what it is!!) I come up as Cranbourne which is in Melbourne! I live on the Gold Coast in QLD!!!!! so we are getting really frustrated... the Apple call centre must be so sick of us by now!! to top it all off... we have major plumbing issues & hubby's car broke down yesterday & Holden are telling us it's going to cost a fortune to have it fixed YAH!!!!
Apart from all the FUN stuff the kids are all well & having a ball on the Wii Fit (hubby & I are having so much fun too!!!!) We have really crappy weather at the moment, but the rain we definitely need! I'm off to dinner with friends tonight.. will be having a FEW wines to relax... hope you all have a great weekend, and hopefully I'll be back soon! xxx

My sunshine on a cloudy day...

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Dress up day...

Just before Easter, students learning Italian participated in "The Carnevale" in celebration of this special time in Italy... the kids had to dress up.... they could come as anything... when I asked Tayla what she would like to dress up as, she replied "A Princess" what else is there! So out came her fairy dress... we bought a cape (pink of course) & a new tiara (with pink diamonds) my baby girl doesn't need to dress up like a princess... she will always be my "Princess" xx

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mother's Day...

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day! I know I did... spent the day with my mum, had a barbie for lunch & just relaxed. Tayla & Sam went shopping at the Mother's Day stall at school & I was bestowed with some beautiful gifts... to me these are the very best gifts of all... the decision of what to buy is left completely up to them, beautiful wind whirlers, key rings, notebooks, chocolates & so much more... although I must admit Tayla is pretty good at telling hubby what to buy for me LOL. So here's a few pics... let me say that it took forever to get ONE fairly decent shot of the kids & I... hubby has a bad habit of making them all laugh! but the out takes are hilarious & I will treasure these ones just as much! xx

My babies...

My mum...

Friday, 9 May 2008

Short & Sweet...

Not much to share!! Friday night is soccer for Jordy!! It's getting cooler at night.. so Tayla, Sam, Nick & I only go when it's a home game!! Tonight they're playing at Tugun! so we are home where it is warm!! What is everyone doing for Mother's Day? Anyway must go.. so here are my babies.. enjoy!! xx

Mou Shu in the dunes at Main Beach... oh she's just so sweet!

Playing with textures, really starting to like this one, stepping outside my comfort zone!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Just playing...

With some photos tonight... should really be going to bed lol. but what can you do!! have been busy buying Mother's Day pressies, mine should be arriving anyday!! nothing exciting going on... apart from the usual... washing, ironing, cooking etc., etc. & that's definitely not exciting!! I will say that the Nintendo Wii is very, very popular around here... we are just loving it! well maybe not me... played the tenpin bowling game, figured that seeing as I used to bowl in a league, I be pretty good at it! the first time I went to bowl I pulled a muscle... don't ask me how because I don't know... but have since done it again & hurt my foot as well LOL. needless to say I think hubby maybe right... I need to start exercising!!!!!
Anyway here is my little man... and with that I say goodnight! xxxx

Monday, 5 May 2008

Pink Hat...

Just a couple of Missy in her pretty pink hat... love that she is so girly! xx

Saturday, 3 May 2008

100th post....

Woohoo!!! and a few more that make me smile! xx

Looking simply adorable... 17/11/05

Her 7th birthday party at the fairy shop... 16/4/05

Friends birthday party.. 30/4/05

New Years Day 2006. just love the pink nails!!!
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