Saturday, 3 May 2008

100th post....

Woohoo!!! and a few more that make me smile! xx

Looking simply adorable... 17/11/05

Her 7th birthday party at the fairy shop... 16/4/05

Friends birthday party.. 30/4/05

New Years Day 2006. just love the pink nails!!!


Moonpie said...

Happy birthday! What a girly girl!
Hi Tanya!
My Name is Dana! Great to meet you! You will find me hanging out on Dani's blog and visa versa! Thanks for stopping by!!

dani said...

as one of my favorite inspirational writers, flavia, once wrote, "a little girl is a gift wrapped in a ribbon...". no truer words were ever written, in my opinion:)
how blessed we are, and what i wouldn't have given to have had two brothers for my katherine like tayla has...
love and (what time is it there, lol)sweet dreams,
dani xx

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh Tanya, those pictures are fantastic, in the second pic with the cake she looks so a real life fairy. Just gorgeous, you must be so proud!


E said...

These are awesome Tanya.. really great stuff here.

kristen said...

OHH I love the third photo. ANd that one of the boys holding hands wow being a mum of boys that really got me . Stunning. I would have that in a frame.

Jen said...

I LOVE that first pic, she has the best eyes...and cheekbones...and lips. She's so beautiful! Must get it from her mum!

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