Friday, 9 May 2008

Short & Sweet...

Not much to share!! Friday night is soccer for Jordy!! It's getting cooler at night.. so Tayla, Sam, Nick & I only go when it's a home game!! Tonight they're playing at Tugun! so we are home where it is warm!! What is everyone doing for Mother's Day? Anyway must go.. so here are my babies.. enjoy!! xx

Mou Shu in the dunes at Main Beach... oh she's just so sweet!

Playing with textures, really starting to like this one, stepping outside my comfort zone!


E said...

These are great... espically like the second one.

dani said...

dear sweet tanya,
these are beautiful images of exquisite subjects!!! so, sweet. mother's day is really everyday; isn't it...
i hope you have a wonderful weekend; stay warm and cozy:D
love and lots of hugs,
dani <333

E and T said...

Hi Tanya

I can relate to those cold Friday nights sitting on the sideline of a soccer field. My husband used to play and I used to love to go and watch - a perfect way to end the working week (you can tell we did this pre-children, he hasn't played since we've had Sav). Sometimes, the only part of me exposed was my eyes. I'd be all rugged up with a beanie, gloves, blanket, the works!!! His games were always so far away from home as well. This is the main reason he stopped playing. Sav wasn't a good sleeper and we thought it best for him not to be driving so far on a Friday night when he was so sleep deprived.

Happy mother's day to you and I hope you have a wonderful day. We're heading off for a picnic by the water with my mum. Low key and relaxed is our plan for this year.


Kara May said...

The texture looks fabulous! Great image to use it on!

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