Thursday, 2 September 2010


Hello to those of you who still drop in from time to time, I hope you're all well! I've been a very slack blogger... sorry!
Just a quick little post to let you all know that I've moved! I have a new blog/website & would love for you to drop in & say hi! Can't post without a pic : )

Our new grandson Eli.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

She's growing up...

Way TOO fast & I don't like one bit! On the 14th April our youngest daughter turned 12, I'm not sure where the last 12 years have gone, but I do know that I have enjoyed every last minute of having this beautiful girl in my life. Tayla is a precious gift, one that I thankful for everyday, but don't for one second let her sweet face fool you, she can be feisty, she will stand up for herself no matter what... she is the youngest of the girls & she has three brothers & anyone with brothers, know how brothers can be!! at times she has no choice but to be feisty, grit her teeth & stand her ground & sometimes I feel sorry for her brothers.. the wrath of Tayla can be very unpleasant! She is my sunshine on a cloudy day, she has a big heart full of compassion & love, she loves her nephew & niece & they love HERshe excels academically, she CAN sing, she loves animals, she wants to be a Marine Biologist & just about everything she does, she does it with perfection, I'm am so blessed to be her mum, she fills our lives with so much joy & most of all LOVE. I love you sweet girl... to the moon & back & then some... xo

We had a little photo session to capture her first day of being twelve...


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Long weekend...

Our long weekend started off with Sam playing soccer very early Saturday morning.. 8.30am!! they had a draw with Sam scoring a goal :) then it was home for a decent coffee & a movie marathon, it was the perfect lazy day. Sunday, was time to get together at the park and celebrate Dale's birthday (our niece's hubby) the kids had fun looking for crabs, climbing trees & playing in the water. One of the kids found some rope, they tied it to a pole & started jumping over it, there was up to 4 people jumping over the rope at the one time.. see pic below, even some of the adults got into it! The weather was perfect, it was a lovely relaxing day spent with family. Monday was a cruisey day, lunch & a little shopping... Tayla LOVES the stationary shop Smiggle, she received a Smiggle gift card for her birthday recently, so it was time to shop & this girl knows how to shop, pencil case, erasers, highlighters, pencils & pens that are scented, & she has money left for another trip to Smiggle, I think she was rather pleased with herself!! We are always amazed how busy this shop is every time we go there, which is a lot!! Sam (or rather dad!!) bought a Nerf gun, it shoots foam darts that have suction caps on the end.. he's had so much fun shooting the windows, my oven & everything else, but he hasn't shot the darts at anyone... well not yet anyway!! It was a great weekend, just what my little family needed! and guess what... this weekend is another long weekend & I can't wait :) The photos below are from Sunday at the park, have a great week everyone!


Saturday, 24 April 2010

Lochie's 1st Birthday..

Easter Monday was time for celebrating  Lochie's 1st birthday. I can't believe a year has gone by already!! Lochie wasn't 100% on his birthday, he had a slight temperature & was just not his usual happy self, we think it may have his teeth.. it certainly didn't stop him from running around trying to ride his new bike, although he was far more interested in spinning the wheels on his bike than riding it! We couldn't get the candle to stay alight as the wind had picked up, somehow I don't think that bothered him, he was too busy grabbing at the cake, he did get a few handfuls, not sure if he was too keen on the taste of his cake! Lochie is growing up so quickly & we love spending time with him, he always has plenty of smiles & cuddles for everyone especially his Opa, these two have a very special bond & it makes my heart so happy!! In four months Lochie is going to be a BIG BROTHER!! We will be welcoming another little blue bundle around the end of August & everyone is very excited :)
I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend, until next time take care..

Monday, 12 April 2010

Easter Sunday 2010.

 I hope you all had a lovely Easter! We spent most of the day with our children & grandchildren, which was lovely to all be together again! Later in the afternoon after the girls had gone, we headed down to Kurrawa beach, we couldn't believe how packed it was, there were people everywhere, there were hundreds of people swimming, they must have been Southerner's as it was quite cool standing on the beach let alone being in the water!!We still have quite a few Easter eggs hanging about in the fridge, but they belong to the kiddos, which is probably a good thing, I think I've had my fair share of chocolatey goodness to last me awhile! Needless to say all that smooth velvety chocolate hasn't been any good for my waistline or anywhere else for that matter!! Easter Monday was Loclan's first birthday, that post will becoming up soon, until then.. take care!


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Design Aglow giveaway.

Have you seen all the beautiful new products & contest for pro photographers on
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Friday, 26 March 2010


Pure cuteness.. that's what this little man is! He is always happy, his smile lights up his whole face. Lochie had a ball playing outside with Opa & uncles Jorday & Sam the other afternoon. He chased the cats, played with the soccer ball, picked up the big leaves he spotted on the ground all with this big smile on his face! We're so happy he's back. I will say that he made me work for the photos I took that afternoon... he's a bundle of energy & pretty quick on his feet, not bad for a little boy who's only just started to walk!

Stay tuned for more cuteness coming this way soon :)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Home safe & sound.

What's so special about today you ask?? Well... Amanda, Wilson & little Lochie arrived home from 4 1/2 months in NZ! We are SO happy they are back home. Lochie has grown so much, he is walking & saying a few words. He wasn't really sure of us at first, but I think after a little while he remembered who we were.. his laughter is a wonderful sound & one we have missed dearly!! Now we look forward to Easter & celebrating Lochie's 1st birthday on Easter Monday & spending some time with this handsome little guy... I'm looking forward to having toys everywhere & toddler proofing my home & I couldn't be happier... :)

Have really missed this little guy!

Showing us his walking skills, looks so much like his mummy when she was this age!

Makes my heart sing!!

Taking it all in & very tired!

Lochie & Opa, Amanda used to make this same face when she was little :)

Checking out his little cousin...


Saturday, 20 March 2010

Soccer Season..

Today Samuel had a fun game against another under 10's team, even though it was was quite warm in the sun, (believe me it was hot we are all sunburnt!!) the boys had a great game, there are some really talented players in both teams! Samuel had actually been selected for the under 10's development team by one of the scouts for the club... Sam declined, he wanted to stay with his team & his coach, he said that there was no one who could coach him better than the coach he already had... his dad! Sam has the makings of a great player, he's already asked his dad to be his manager when he's older, he's very ambitious... he LOVES soccer & one day wants to play overseas! I have no doubt he will!
The photos are not the best, but sometimes it's about capturing the moments in life without everything being technically correct!! Tomorrow is a very special day.. I will be back then to let you know why :)

Even when she's running she is beautiful..

Friday, 19 March 2010

Pure Sweetness..

As promised here a few more photos of sweet little Avah. Jaimie & Avah came to visit today & ending up spending the whole day with me.... they were the perfect distraction! To just relax & enjoy this time was exactly what I needed to help lower the stress levels... even if it was only for a little while! Avah is really starting to interact with every one, it's so beautiful to see her face light up when you talk to her, her smiles are just precious & when she starts her sweet cooing... oh my heart starts to melt. Avah is a delight, you can't help but be happy when she's around, she is pure sweetness. And yes... there were more photos taken today & I'll share some with you soon! Happy weekend everyone :)


Thursday, 18 March 2010


I have been a little slack posting lately & my mum kindly reminded me that I needed to post some more photos of Avah! So this one's for you mum :) I have a few more which I'll post tomorrow... I promise :) 

Enjoy... isn't she just darling!


Monday, 15 March 2010

A Savvy giveaway..

This time over at This blog is a wonderful source of inspiration, be sure to check it out :)


Friday, 5 March 2010

Where has the time gone?

Today these darling little cherubs are 2 months & 11 months old! Yes they're exactly 9 months apart to the day!! Hard to believe that Lochie will be 1 next month, we miss him so much but hopefully Lochie & Amanda will be back home with in the next few weeks :)  He is crawling & has now taken his first steps this week!
As for Avah, well this little princess has brought nothing but absolute joy to the family! She has this thing with her tongue, it's always sticking out through those gorgeous pink lips... always! Avah is so much like her mummy not only in looks, but she can be feisty, demanding, impatient & she will totally crack it if she does not get her way (already!!) just like her mummy!! but... she is also pure sweetness, her smiles & there's lots of them now, well they just melt my heart! I love it when she starts making her little noises, they are the sweetest sounds! We are blessed to have these gorgeous babies in our lives! 

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