Sunday, 31 January 2010

Nearly the end...

Well we're almost done, today is the last day of January & the PAD is coming to an end! Yesterday's photo was not my intended photo for the day, but when I found these two playing in the rain {if you could call it that!!} well how could I not take photos!! Sam is such a character, he's always hamming it up, especially when the camera is around!! Yes I know he is wearing a singlet that is way too small, I wash it & put it away in the pile of clothes that are too small for him, but he keeps pulling it out & wearing it, he says he likes his red singlet... who am I to argue with that! Tayla & Sam said the rain was cold, but they ended up playing in it until it stopped simply because it was nice & cool being in the rain... can't say I blame them, it's been so hot lately!!

Day 30... love the facial expression!


Friday, 29 January 2010

Quiet night in...

Just me & my girl tonight, the boys are having a boys night out at Skilled Park watching Gold Coast United play against Melbourne! We love it when it's just us girls, right now as I sit at the computer she's watching The Wizards of Waverly Place in peace & quiet!
We were lucky enough to have two gorgeous girls drop in for a visit... you guessed it, Jaimie & Avah! I love having cuddles with Avah especially when she's really tired & just snuggles right in!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend... :)

Sweet dreams...

Ready to go home all safe & sound.

Day 29... Love her more than she'll ever know.


Thursday, 28 January 2010

Days 18-28

I'm a little behind with my photo a day posting!! We've been busy getting the kids ready for school etc, I have only a few days to go then the photo a day will be finished, where does the time go?? Hope you enjoy days 18-28 :)

Day 28... Bubbles, candles & peace & quiet = BLISS! This last week hasn't been so great, this is just what I needed :)

Day 27... First day of school 2010. Tayla in year 7 & Sam in year 5. I can't believe Tayla is in her last year of primary school!

Day 26... Happy Australia Day!! Sam knows how to stay cool!

Day 25... The perfect ending to a lovely day, everyday should end like this! I LOVE living where we live!

Day 24... Sam loves playing his Pokemon on his DS & he's always trying to talk me into buying him another Pokemon game :P

Day 23... A sweet moment.... Avah & her Opa, love, love, love this one!

Day 22... These guys are not only colourful, but they're incredibly noisy too!!

Day 21... Sweet dreams baby girl, love her little tongue peaking out.

Day 20... I love candles, especially vanilla scented ones :)

Day 19... Pretty flowers.

Day 18... She is just so precious.


Monday, 18 January 2010

Days 13-17.

As I post this today at 8.21am, it's already so hot here on the Coast! I started the housework early, but even at 6.30am the air was quite hot & thick! it's not going to be a pleasant day today! Time to close up the house crank up the air con & just chill... pun intended!! I have all the kids' books to cover with contact and all the pens, pencils etc. to name... this is NOT one of my favourite things to do! I can't believe the holidays are nearly over, they have gone so quickly this Summer, Sam & Tayla are more than ready for school to start!!

Here are days 13-17.

Day 13. Love her gorgeous squishy little face.

Day 14. Always fun with bubbles.

Day 15. Cupcakes, a delicious treat anytime :)

Day 16. Showing me how to Bunny Hop! & yes he's wearing the same clothes as day 14, but they were washed :)

Day 17. Sand dune jumping at the 'The Spit' Sam loves doing this, I lost count as to how many times he ran to the top of the dune & jumped!!


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

More from today..

Just a few more from today! Her daddy saw these tonight & couldn't believe how much she has changed! He asked me where our baby girl had gone! Tayla will be a teenager next year... so hard to believe!

Tomorrow we are off to spend some time cuddling with Avah & hopefully we'll get some photos... fingers crossed!!


Day 12.

Tayla loves to collect the fallen frangipani! I love the pink frangipani, it has such a rich vibrant colour... most of the time! It's such a shame that they don't last very long, they're so pretty, and have a lovely fragrance. I have a few more photos from today that I will post later... :)


Monday, 11 January 2010

Catching up..

Catching up on my Photo a Day posts! Hope everyone is doing great! Can't believe how quickly time is going by, the kids go back to school in 2 weeks!!! Avah is a week old tomorrow, she is doing so well, feeding & sleeping & seems to like her awake time to be in the early hours of the morning, we're hoping to do her newborn photos soon, so it's great that she's so sleepy through the day, but hopefully she will start to be more awake through the day very soon! I will leave you with my photos from the last few days, so far so good, wonder if I can manage to do a photo everyday... time will tell :)

Jasmine.. I love the smell of jasmine especially when it wafts through my kitchen window on a balmy Summer's night!

Home made rocky road.. it really is so yummy & so easy to make!

Coffee... love the stuff probably a little too much :D

Great Grandmother & Great Granddaughter... a beautiful moment.

My baby girl.. growing up way too fast.


Friday, 8 January 2010

2 Days Old..

They're not the best photos as they were taken with my iPhone!! Avah is 2 days old in these photos! We called in to drop off some teeny tiny outfits for Avah, Sam & Tayla couldn't resist having cuddles with Avah & I must admit that I couldn't resist either!! Sam even asked if we could take her home, we're all totally in love with this sweet tiny bundle! Things are going really well, Avah had her hearing test yesterday & passed with flying colours, she is a little jaundiced but Jaimie says she's looking less yellow today! Avah is feeding & sleeping well so Jaimie's able to get some much needed rest! Jaimie is a complete natural when it comes to being a mummy & I'm so proud of her.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sam & Avah.

Little poppet had a restless first night at home & then proceeded to sleep for most of today, I hope they all have a better night tonight!

Avah having cuddles with Uncle Sam...


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Introducing Avah Rose...

She is here!! Avah Rose, born 6.44am, 5/01/10, weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces & 52cms long! I'm so proud of Jaimie, she had been in labour for around 26 hours with little sleep & delivered her beautiful baby girl naturally using only gas to help ease the pain! There were a few times I was close to tears... it's hard watching your baby girl go through labour, knowing exactly what she's going through wishing so much to be able to take her pain away... knowing that you can't! Jaimie & Avah are now home where they can settle in & at least get some sleep! Needless to say I'm absolutely & totally in love with Avah & her name suits her perfectly, she has lots of black hair, she's beautiful & she's perfect! We're feeling very blessed to have 6 beautiful children & now 2 gorgeous grandbabies & they're exactly 9 months apart to the day!!!
I thought it was only fitting that today's photo for the January Photo a Day should be of Avah [& Nana of course :D] To everyone who has kept Jaimie in their thoughts & prayers... Thank you, it means so much!

Avah Rose...

Day 5..

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