Friday, 30 May 2008

I'm Back..

HOPEFULLY!!!! Hi everyone hope you are all well!!! have been a bad blogger LOL. I've been having major computer problems... hubby bought me a laptop just before Mother's Day.. anyway since then our main computer is having problems with internet connection, photos disappearing & other stuff, the laptop is ok with internet but doesn't have all my stuff on there yet!! well now the laptop is having issues.. photos have gone (I had no copies!!!!) and I have all this stuff on there and we have no idea where it came from!! something else I have noticed... when I visit a blog that has Feedjit (i think that's what it is!!) I come up as Cranbourne which is in Melbourne! I live on the Gold Coast in QLD!!!!! so we are getting really frustrated... the Apple call centre must be so sick of us by now!! to top it all off... we have major plumbing issues & hubby's car broke down yesterday & Holden are telling us it's going to cost a fortune to have it fixed YAH!!!!
Apart from all the FUN stuff the kids are all well & having a ball on the Wii Fit (hubby & I are having so much fun too!!!!) We have really crappy weather at the moment, but the rain we definitely need! I'm off to dinner with friends tonight.. will be having a FEW wines to relax... hope you all have a great weekend, and hopefully I'll be back soon! xxx

My sunshine on a cloudy day...


E and T said...

Hi there Tanya

Welcome back! Why is it that when one appliance decides to pack it in, other things around your house also decide to join in.

I just hope that you can find some quick fix solutions for your computer problems and that upon further investigation the plumbing and car issues don't turn out to be too expensive.

I'm happy to read that you have a relaxing and fun Friday night planned. Enjoy!


Jen said...

Ah don't worry...I've been a little out of the loop as well. She's so precious!

Amanda said...

My Feedjit or whatever it's called makes it look like i live somewhere in England. I'm Scottish and live in Scotland. If you know any of Scottish/English history then you will know that it's not a compliment!!! he-he!
You daughter is so pretty and i love the photo.
Nice to see you back in blog world.

Love Amanda (not living in England! ) xxx

dani said...

hi, tanya...
i'm so sorry to hear of all your computer, plumbing, weather, and car woes. however, i am happy to hear that you and your family are doing well and having fun with the wii:D katherine loves ours. and, i WILL get to play soon!!!
ps... your sunshine is just radiant!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello lovely
Just popped by to see what your up to, Sorry to hear all the bad luck. Your photos are gorgeous as always what a gorgeous girl Take Care hope to see you soon Love Rachx

E said...

Sorry to hear about the computer problems but glad you are back .. Love this photo of your daughter.. just lovely.

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