Tuesday, 3 June 2008

More "Sunshine"...

To brighten my dull & dreary day!! I kept all the kiddo's home yesterday... the weather was really crappy!! & besides any excuse not to go out in the terrible weather! but I did manage to sneak out & get my nails done & my hair cut! I think I'm going to have to wear scarves this winter... my hair hasn't been this short for a long time & I can feel the cold air where my hair used to be!! LOL. The kids are all back at school today... hubby & I had breakfast together after we dropped the kids at school.. love our time together just the two of us!! Had a terrible night last night... just couldn't sleep.. had a million & one things going on inside my head!! one of those things had me very, very teary! hate being so emotional.. will share a bit more about that soon!! needless to say today I'm very tired (& still very teary.. oh man!!) so might have to go & have a nap before the munchkins need to be picked up... so here's some more of "My Little Ray Of Sunshine" she has certainly helped to brighten my day!!

Happy Tuesday... xx


Kara May said...

Oh I love that first image - the coloring is great! Love that hat too - I'm such a hat girl...
Lovely shots of your lovely daughter.

Christopher said...

The softness of the color makes the shots work so well. Neat stuff. Glad I came by.

Amanda said...

Is that a hand knitted hat and scarf? It's just lovely.
Hope you had a good nap in the afternoon!
Things always seem 100 times worse during the night when you can't sleep, doesn't it?

Love Amanda xx

Tanya said...

Thanks everyone!!!

Amanda~ Tayla's hat & scarf are from Pumpkin Patch!! never had my nap... but slept like a baby last night so feeling much better!

dani said...

i am so relieved that you are feeling better, tanya. my eyes teared up thinking you were sad:[
beautiful, beautiful photos of tayla!!! i'm going to learn to knit like that if it kills me, lol!!!
love you,

E and T said...

Hi Tanya

What a relief to read in your comments that you are feeling so much better. I am so happy for this.

Those pictures of Tayla are divine. Pumpkin Patch sure do some pretty snazzy stuff. Tayla looks like she should be in one of their catalogues showing just how fantastic the scarf and hat look.

I hope you are well rested and feeling a whole lot better.

Love and hugs

Little Sweethearts said...

Hello Tanya,

That outfit with the matching hat and scarf is sooo beautiful! I've never heard of Pumpkin Patch, so I'm pretty sure it's not distributed in Belgium... :(

My daughter would absolutely love it (she's very much into pink), but as we are just getting ready for summer, I'm hoping she won't be needing it anytime soon anyway!


dani said...

just checking back in to say, "i'm thinking about you and praying all is well!!!"
i love you (i know that sounds goofy since we've never even seen each other), but i do:)

Tabitha said...

Glad that you are feeling a bit better, things always play on my mind at night and it always seems a bit better in the morning!!!
I too think that the photos are just adorable ~ your daughter is very beautiful!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

She really id so pretty Tanya, what I wouldn't give for skin like that without million dollar foundation all over it!

Where's the picture of you and your new DO, you know you can't write about it and not give us a little snap!

I hope your ok, there's nothing worse than nights of worry and no sleep,

Thinking of you,


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