Thursday, 5 June 2008


That's what I am!! I've made so many amazing new friends... through blogging!! Who knew!!! You are all over the world & you are the sweetest girls!! Just letting you all know I am so grateful & blessed to have you as friends!! Thank you for stopping by & saying hi, your encouraging words, for making me laugh, for sharing your lives & for your beautiful comments!!

Just in case you haven't seen enough of my sweet baby girl here she is!!! This girl makes my heart skip a beat!!!

Happy Thursday... xxxx


Amanda said...

Tanya, she is a little model!
Love the flowers in her hair:)
I have just started blogging and have 'met' many kind and lovely people too.
Love Amanda xx

E said...

Ohh Tanya.. she is just so sweet.. Look at her.. just as sweet as her mama no doubt.



Amanda said...

Forgot to say, i have tagged you. If you want to take part it's on my blog!
Love Amanda xx

dani said...

never too much of tayla, tanya!!! she looks like an angel:) by the way, you are a blessing, too.

E and T said...

Hi Tanya

I feel the same way - so blessed to have met so many wonderful people (like yourself) through blogging.

Stunning photos of your beautiful Tayla. I love the frangipani in her hair, they are one of my favourite flowers because they have such a wonderful fragrance.


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

You know I never tire of Tayla's pictures, she're really really pretty and there's something about her face that makes her ageless. Like she'll be gorgeous at 14 and just and beautiful and 70.


Mom2My6Kids said...

She is so beautiful! I think your photography just keeps getting better and better. You are amazing!

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