Friday, 27 June 2008

Catch up...

Busy week... Jaimie flew in late Wednesday night, we are beyond happy to see her, but unfortunately this is not a happy trip... her boyfriend Brendan, is here to attend the funeral of his friend, he was killed last weekend by someone who ran a red light, so it's a very sad time for them!!

Elizabeth, Roy is a Fire Protection Engineer, he takes care of the fire panels in shopping centres & highrises, he makes sure that everything runs smoothly & if ever there is a fire, the sprinklers, pumps etc, cut in until the fire brigade arrives.... he used to install the pipe work & sprinklers as the highrises were under construction, so he would be on scaffolding many stories up, so glad he doesn't do that anymore especially after the deaths of two men on the weekend... they fell 26 stories... one of the men was an uncle to a girl in Samuel's class, it's all so very, very sad!!

On to something a little happier, Samuel has been presented with a couple of awards, one for music & a Thumbs Up Award, this is an award for receiving 20 possies for good behaviour both in the classroom & the playground! As Samuel is in yr3 the possies are even harder to get, so we are very proud of our boy!! They had a possie party yesterday with food & games, everyone's name was entered into the draw for some great prizes & at assembly yesterday afternoon the winners were announced... Samuel won a ticket to Whitewater World, he was in total disbelief lol. he was called up 3 times at assembly to receive his ticket & his awards!! As it is end of term (woo hoo) there is always a school disco, Samuel was off first, they have two sessions for the upper & lower schools.. he was exhausted when I picked him up (it only goes for 11/2 hours) he told me the girls kept chasing him & telling him how handsome he was, I asked him how the girls looked his response "very pretty, they look so different with their hair down mum" lol.
I had a parent/teacher interview with his teacher yesterday morning & he has done extremely well, so once again we are very proud of Samuel!!
Ok now I've prattled on far too long,

Till next time... xx

Samuel with his awards...

Ready for the disco... click on them to see them larger.. so much better!!

Ok Mum... just one photo!!

So not happy! lol.

I think he's over it!!


Little Sweethearts said...

I'm both happy and sad with you. You must be thrilled to see Jaimie again, but you also must be devastated as to the reason why they've come over. It's always so sad when a young person is robbed of the rest of his life in such a way.

And to Samuel I would say: Thumbs Up, Boy!!! Well done.

Happy parents at the end of the schoolyear will make the summer holiday so much more enjoyable!


E and T said...

Hi Tanya

It must be wonderful to see Jaimie again, but I am so saddened and sorry that it had to be under such tragic circumstances. The loss of such a young life is a tragedy.

What a star Samuel is - two awards at the end of the semester is an excellent acievement. You must be so very proud of him. Well done Samuel.


dani said...

oh my goodness, tanya, what a bittersweet week you have had. i had no idea. when you commented on wednesday that it was a sad day, i thought you meant in general with all that was wrong with the world (there's plenty wrong). but, you meant in your world:{
i am so, so sorry you, your family, and your friends have experienced so much sadness this week. i will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.
as far as jamie being home goes... i'm happy for you that you are getting to see her so soon but hate that your visit is under such sad circumstances.
beautiful little samuel is indeed your silver lining this week:) i'm so proud of him with you.
and how cute that he's starting to notice the beauty of the female persuasion, lol... we girls aren't so bad after all, huh:DDD
i really do hope your weekend is a special one... enjoy:)

Amanda said...

What a little star your Samuel is!
Well Done to him! ( and to
the proud mother! )
Sorry to hear about the sad news.
Have a good weekend tanya!
Amanda xx

Vanessa and Kara said...

Oh Tanya, that is awful news for your friends ~ I'm so sorry.

Your son is just beautiful ~ he's eyes divine. You must be very proud of him!!!!

Thanks very much for your kind words ~ they mean a lot and were greatly appreciated.... off to read more of your blog now!

V xx

E said...

Oh I am sorry to hear about all the tragedy lately.. all horrible and sad.. my thoughts are with you all.. and Thank you for explaining what your husband does..:)

and Yeah to Samuel.

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