Saturday, 21 June 2008


Ok... it's 11:40pm Saturday night & I'm still wide awake. Roy is on a call out... the third one for today, & I'm keeping busy until he arrives home safe & sound... can never seem to sleep when he's on a call out! So I was going through photos (of course) & I rediscovered these ones. Now you may think I've lost the plot photographing stuffed toys lol. but there was a very good reason! I came home one morning after dropping the kids off at school & found Samuel's toys sitting like this on my chair... I immediately grabbed the camera & took photos... how could I not.. it was just too cute!! Anyway when Samuel got home, I asked him what they were doing on my chair (Samuel has a bad habit of leaving his toys anywhere & everywhere!!!) his response was priceless... he said "my toys are having a conversation mummy"!!! it was the sweetest thing & I'm so glad that I've captured this memory for me!!! Samuel turned around & walked off... of course the toys remained there for the next few days lol. Oh how I love the innocence of children... those rare moments where by they are just in their own little world just being a kid without a care in the world & oblivious to everything else... it's these moments that make being their mum simply the best!! & makes those days that are hard all the more worth it!!!

Till next time... take care xxxx

Love this one... so sweet!


Little Sweethearts said...

"Well Mr. Dog", said the Frog "how do you feel about a little tiger nibbling away at your feet?".

"Oh I don't mind" said Mr. Dog "we're best friends after all..."

Amanda said...

Thats just too cute Tanya! And the expression on the frogs face is just priceless.
It certainly is moments like these that makes it all worth while.
Thanks for such a cute post Tanya:)
Love and Hugs,
Amanda xx

Tabitha said...

Oh Tanya ~ that is just so sweet ~ I love the idea of the toys having a conversation (wonder what they were talking about!!). That green frog is so cute ~ I love it!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX

dani said...

just look at them, tanya... the frog is definitely talking to the dog. and the tiger is evesdropping. so, the conversation MUST be good:D
that is so sweet. i would have snapped the picture and left them just as they were as well.
sweet little samuel...

dani said...

ps... roy is home safely; right???
i wouldn't be able to sleep either, t :/

Tanya said...
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Tanya said...

Oh Tania.. that's just perfect... hope you don't mind if I use that when I scrap these photos!

Amanda.. I love the frog's expression I think that's the reason Samuel wanted him in the first place!

These toys were deep in conversation Tabitha... it went on for hours lol.

Yep... that's my Samuel Dani.. "sweet" well most of the time anyway!!

Thanks for stopping by girls xxx

E and T said...

Hi Tanya

Oh your Samuel sounds like such a sweet little man.

The frog and dog sure do like they are engaged in a conversation. These are definately the moments you want to get on camera and memories that you want to cherish. The innocence of children and their carefree ways are so precious.


E said...

ohhh dont you love these little moments.. as moms we cheris these.. what is a call out by the way? what does Roy Do?

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