Friday, 20 June 2008

Snail Mail is Wonderful!!!!

This gorgeous card arrived today all the way from the UK!!!! Thank you so much Tabitha! it was a beautiful surprise... it's amazing how wonderful it feels to receive mail "just because"!!!!!! hats off to Tania for starting this fantastic idea!!! I've made so many wonderful friends through blogging.. and you know what it doesn't even matter that we haven't met.... you know that there will always be someone there ready to comfort you, make you laugh or cry lol. and just be your friend no matter what.... and that is the most wonderful feeling!! Thank you again Tabitha you made my day!!!

Till next time.. take care xxxx :)

"click on it to see it larger... so cute!!!"


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

What a true post, even though many don't know each other face to face it's still good to know there's someone else loving their family as much as you.....would be fun to have a big girly meet up somewhere though wouldn't it!!


Tabitha said...

Hi Tanya ~
Glad it got to you ok ~ this is the slowest snail mail so far ~ but then you do live the furthest away ~ Hope you have a wonderful day!!
love and hugs ~ tabitha XXX

Amanda said...

Love the cute kittens!
Love Amanda x

dani said...

oh, tanya it's soooooo adorable!!! the fat black cat in the middle looks like my "mouth of the south":D tabitha's so sweet (and so are you:)!!!

E and T said...

Hi Tanya

Snail mail is a wonderful thing. What a sweet card to receive and it's amazing how a card in the mail can brighten your day.

I admire Tabitha for being so good in getting the ball rolling and of course Tania for coming up with this idea for us all to enjoy.

Blogging, I can't say enough good things about it. Who would have ever thought that you could "meet" so many amazing people (like yourself) in the blogosphere that then become friends.

Love and hugs

Little Sweethearts said...

Yes, snail mail is the best indeed.

I was going to wait a little until the novelty and excitement wore off a bit and then send all you guys (well, girls) some snail mail when you least expected it, but sweet Tabitha beat me to it. No worries, there'll be more snail mail... maybe when you least expect it!


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