Wednesday, 30 April 2008

These make me smile...

As we say good bye to yet another month... some memories that made me smile & weep! xx

Shark Bay aquarium... Seaworld... 20/11/05

Brothers... eldest & youngest, love, love, love this one! yep this one made me weep, just a little... 19/11/04

Samuel... my little man, 4 yrs 4 mths, love his eyes... 19/11/04

Goggle boy... oh how I love this one, mouth closed tight so no water gets in & his little ear bent over & how utterly cute is he!!... 7/2/05
click on it... you need to see it larger!!!!


E said...

These are awesome.. love the second one too.

Moonpie said...

Hi Tanya,
I love the title photo of your daughter! I have a Samuel as well== Samuel Reade. Great photos--I enjoy your blog from across the world!

dani said...

oh, tanya...
your boys are as handsome as your daughter is beautiful!!! these are amazingly vivid shots...
dani xx

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