Friday, 11 April 2008

Hanging out...

Some quiet time at the beach. Can't remember why Samuel was home from school this day... but I'm sure he was having more fun here!! We didn't stay too long as the wind picked up (typical!) and we had to pick the others up from school.

A new friend... well for a few minutes anyway.

He wanted to take this little guy home... he loves ladybugs!

Sam's collection... he thought that the coconut was pretty cool!


Katie Toland said...

look at that gorgeous white sand. I want white sand. We have cruddy yellow sand LOL. It's ok really, but I want white sand pics... perhaps I need to come up for a holiday :) Now THAT is tempting.
Gorgeous piccies. Love that first one.

Oh and ladybugs. I have a 'thing' for ladybugs... I even use one for my logo LOL.

Tanya said...

Yes!! You need a holiday don't you? LOL.

Mom2My6Kids said...

What a beautiful place. I look so peaceful! Sweet little boy!

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