Sunday, 13 April 2008

Nine no more...

Tomorrow Tayla turns 10!!!! we can't believe our baby girl has hit double digits!!! These photos were taken today... her last day of being 9... and I can tell you she is so excited... she can't wait for the 14th!! xxxx


Katie Toland said...

Happy Birthday Tayla!! Wow 10. How exciting. I clearly remember turning 10, it's scarey to think of our kids doing it! (although I still have 3 years to go)

She's just beautiful Tanya. Your photos of her are just stunning.

E said...

Happy Birthday to her... Hope she has a wonderful day.

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous Tayla. Tanya she's just too pretty, it all goes so fast, in ther blink of an eye you'll be knocking the boys coming to visit away. Isn't that a terrifying thought? Kitty's going to a convent at 13 according to Craig!

Hope she had a great Birthday, and you too. I always get really sentimental on my kids B'days.


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