Sunday, 27 July 2008

Being the Youngest...

Can have it's ups & downs... Samuel as you know is the youngest... he often gets away with things, gets a little spoilt (by both his mum & dad!!) he often tries to do the things the big boys do, sometimes he can... sometimes he can't! being the youngest sometimes means you can get pushed around a bit too!! like today... Jordan, Tayla & Samuel were outside playing some ball game & they were playing so well together (I should have known it wouldn't last!!!) next thing I know Samuel is crying... he comes inside with a nice graze on his face right near his eye! Jordan (of course) had pushed him out of the way & he fell to the ground with his face first, it hurt like crazy when I had to clean it.... needless to say that ended his fun, well for a little while anyway!! So here his my little munchkin with his grazed face & few more from today & yep that is Jordan in there as well!! Just so you all know... Jordan tends to always be where the trouble is... ALWAYS... LOL!! & with that I bid you all a goodnight. xxx

Such sadness in those gorgeous brown eyes....

Didn't take long before he was back into having fun....

The culprit... Jordan...

Always having fun...

Always with a smile...

How can I not add a little sweetness to the mix....

Off to bed, poor baby the left side of his face is a little sore :(

and now I'm off to have banana cake & a cuppa :)


Amanda said...

He looks so sad! I want to give him a cuddle :)
But cuts and scrapes are all part of being a boy!
I'll have a bit of that cake too please! haha!
Amanda xx

Little Sweethearts said...

Boys will be boys I suppose.... We've all been there.

It's good that he forgot about it quickly so they could continue playing - a little more gently perhaps? I hope his handsome face heals fast.


dani said...

"poor samuel" is right!!! sometimes there are perks to being the youngest, but, sometimes it's not so much fun at all!!!
i had been meaning to ask you what jordan's name is. does he suffer from middle child syndrome??? i know it happens... i guess it can sometimes not be fun either;)
i hope samuel will be feeling better today and that he's not sporting a "shiner" when he awakes!!!
a piece of banana cake for breakfast may help in making his face feel a little better:b it looks totally yummy!!!
love to you all,

Hannah said...

Aweh :[
I hate it when little ones get hurt... But, they always seem to be okay several minutes afterward, off to play again.
I hope it heals soon!


Tabitha said...

Oh dear ~ poor chap, hope that he is all healed soon!
That Banana cake looks lovely!!

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Your poor baby, such sadness in that face. your children are so adorable, all little models!!

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