Monday, 21 July 2008


This is the Beauty Full gift that arrived in my mail box! Thank you so much Dani it is a beautiful bookmark made by a very talented lady... Tania over at Little Sweethearts thank you Dani & Tania... my Beauty Full friends!!

A very big thank you to you all for your birthday wishes for Jaimie & for your kind words :)

For all my friends.. xxxxx


Tabitha said...

Totally beauty full!!!
Dani is a wonderful friend to us all!! My bookmark has pride of place in the latest book I am reading and tania had some gorgeous chocolate and strawberry ones on her blog ~ so I may be ordering one of those soon too (ha ha !!). I will have a go at getting that friendship ball on my blog and then come back over and let you know how to do it!!
love and hugs Tabitha XXX

Amanda said...

The bookmarks are great! I love mine. Tania is a talented girl ( and Dani is lovely too! ) I like the song going along to the friendship video. ?Phil Collins?
Amanda xx

Little Sweethearts said...

Hi Tanya,

I'm glad you like your bookmark! You're the last one to receive it which means that I'll be able to blog about it now too. :) I hope to get round to that still this week.


dani said...

you are so welcome, dear tanya:) i hope you will enjoy tania's creativity. she did such an amazing job on the bookmarks!!!
i hope you are having a great day.
ps i love the friendship video... such a sweet, sweet song.

Tanya said...

Tabitha the new bookmarks are gorgeous will be checking them out again for sure :)

Amanda... yes it's Phil Collins :)

Tania, I love my beautiful bookmark.. you are one clever lady :)

Dani, enjoy I will... I've had a great day.. today my baby turned eight.. glad you liked the friendship video :)

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