Monday, 28 July 2008

For You Sweetheart...

We hope you like it :)

You will need to turn the music player off.

Enjoy... we love you!!!! & we miss you!!!!


Amanda said...

I tried to watch the video Tanya, but the computer wouldn't let me:(

Kat said...

The video player is saying that it is no longer available :(

Tanya said...

I don't know what's going on!! I have deleted it & tried it again, blogger won't upload it so I had to go through you tube! I hope it works!!


Tanya said...
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Amanda said...

Got to watch it!
Jamie will love it, it is a beautiful video Tanya. It's nice to hear all your voices to put along with the faces!
Amanda xx

dani said...

oh, tanya, it's working now!!! how sweet:D and, you are going to visit soon; that will be so much fun. you all have the lovliest australian accent...
i hope samuel's face will be all healed soon!!! is it still really painful???
you all are beautiful, and i bet jaimie will love the video (if she hasn't already seen it;)

Tanya said...

Oh Amanda I'm so glad it's working!! Jaimie will get a kick out of it LOL!

Dani, hopefully I will get to see Jaimie soon! I hate hearing my own voice LOL! Sam's face is just fine D. thank you so much for asking :D

thank you, my Beauty Full friends

T xx

Tabitha said...

That is just so lovely ~ I watched it twice ~ so sweet
love and hugs to you!!

E and T said...

Hi Tanya

I've had a ball reading through all of your past posts that I have not had a chance to read till now.

What a beautiful video for Jaimie, it was wonderful to hear all of your voices and I can hardly wait till Friday whe we get to meet you face to face.I am looking forward to our catch up so much. I am sure Jaimie will be thrilled with your messages of love to her.

I hope Sam's face has now healed up. He certainly is an athletic young man, given all of the events he particip[ated in for his sports day.

Tayla is amazing to compete in the 800m run with a sore leg, what a trooper. I love the action shots you got of Sam and Tayla at their sports day.

Happy 8th birthday to Sam. You captured so many fun pictures of the birthday boy.

I was so sad to read how upset you were for jaimie's 19th birthday, her first birthday where you were unable to be together. Are you going to catch up with your gorgeous girl soon? She is such a beautiful woman.

You have so many gorgeous photos on your blog and it was fabulous to look through each and every single one of them.

Tanya, two more sleps till we catch up and I can't wait!.

Lots of love and hugs

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