Monday, 28 July 2008


Samuel got a nice surprise when he got home from school this afternoon, he received his birthday present from Jaimie & a birthday card from Adam (his cousin) & his wife Frances & their children Ashleigh & Jeremy! Thanks so much you guys he got such a surprise, and Jaimie he loves his new Kung Fu Panda PS3 game :) & sends a very big thank you to you both!!

Gotta have some sweetness :)


Amanda said...

My kids want that game! Can they come over to play?!!!

dani said...

from the looks of things, today was a very good and beautiful day at your house:) i wish you all more of the same!!!

Tanya said...

Amanda.... absolutely bring them on over!!

Thank you Dani! I wish the very same for you & your family :)

T xx

Tabitha said...

He looks so pleased with his lovely birthday cards and present ~ Daniel wants a PS3 for Christmas!! The photos are just gorgeous ~ as always!!!

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