Friday, 4 July 2008

Happy Birthday...

To two very special people.. first up my wonderful husband who celebrated his 50th birthday & to little Blake who was born at 10pm last night to Elise & Troy... congratulations to Elise, Troy & Savannah (who is now a big sister)!!!

We did plan for a big bash for Roy, but with some relatives unable to make it & major pool disasters we decided not to go ahead with it! Roy is not one for pomp & ceremony so this suits him just fine lol!!! We are off to dinner tonight to celebrate as last night was soccer training for Jordan & Roy had an early start today, so we are going out tonight as we can take our time & relax... then tomorrow we are off early down south to Byron Bay (hopefully the weather picks up it's overcast today!!)
I hope everyone has a great weekend :) xxx


Little Sweethearts said...

Undoubtedly a day to always remember. Happy Birthday Roy!

Hope you have a lovely time at Byron Bay.

Save me some cake?


Little Sweethearts said...

Or, because Roy is Dutch I could have just said:

Gelukkige verjaardag Roy. Dat er nog vele gelukkige jaartjes mogen volgen! Prachtige foto van je gezin, jammer dat Jamie er niet bij kon zijn.


Tanya said...

Tania I'll get Roy to read it! He doesn't speak dutch so much anymore well not around me anyway he considers it to be very rude to speak the language when I don't understand it!

T. xx

Little Sweethearts said...

I hope you didn't think I was being rude. I just thought it might be fun for him to read something in Dutch.

It basically says: Happy Birthday Roy (guess you figured that one out already ;)). That many happy years may follow. Beautiful picture of your family, too bad Jamie couldn't be there.


Tabitha said...

Happy Birthday Roy !!
I love the baloons and the CAKE!!
Next year I am having a birthday cake like that and eating it all (ha ha ~ only joking!!).
Hope you all had a great day!!

It is fab that baby Blake is here!!
I am so pleased for Elise.

Love and hugs Tabitha XXX

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Roy!!
Hope you had a great day celebrating the occasion.
Lovely photos of the family Tanya.
Love Amanda xx

Tanya said...

Tania you were not being rude at all sorry if I made you feel that way :(!! Roy read it... i think he struggled at first lol. but he got in the end & asked me to pass on his thanks! Byron Bay has been cancelled... it's pouring here today!
Have a great day,
Tanya xx

Vanessa and Kara said...

Happy Birthday Roy!!!

You have such a gorgeous family ~ loving the couch shot :)

And Tanya, I looooove your taste in music..... I'm all for soppy songs and loooove the Sarah McLachlan one ~ I had that on my blog for ages and still can listen to it over and over and over....


Kareer Woman said...

Enjoyed the pictures! Happy Birthday!

dani said...

ok, i think my computer is acting up or something, t... i have commented here two times:? but, i will try again...

happy BELATED birthday, roy!!!

ps how did the 360 view photos turn out??? i cannot wait to see them.

dani said...

yea!!! third time was a charm:D

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