Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sports days...

Tuesday 22nd,

Sam had a great time at sports day which also happened to be his 8th birthday! As he is still in lower primary the kids just have lots of fun activities to participate in, so next year is when the real fun begins & where they can start winning points for their house & going up for age champion which Sam is hoping for one day.... Jaimie was age champion three years running & in year 7 was House Captain & has her name on the school board... so he is aiming to join her! Some of the activities Sam participated in were high jump, long jump, hurdles, volley ball, soccer, tug-of-war, relay & the 100m sprint. He is such a sports freak he just does so well in everything, he is very, very competitive (like his dad :)) we have told him it's not always about winning, but about having fun & I must say this year he has shown a lot of maturity in this area & I'm very proud of him!

I will be back with his birthday photos after I pick the kids up from school... have to leave early to get a park close to the school as it's been pouring non stop all day.... it's so not going to be fun!!!!!

At morning tea, Sam's class sang Happy Birthday to him & he shared cupcakes with his class...

Yesterday, Wednesday 23rd was Tayla's sports day, it was overcast, windy & absolutely freezing!! No one wanted to be there, everyone just wanted to go home where it was warm!!! Tayla hurt her leg during trials for sports day before the holidays, so she didn't participate in too much, but she did run in the 800m & finished in the top fifteen which isn't too bad! high jump, long jump & shot put were the other activities Tayla had a go at... no 100m sprint though, I think doing the 800m was more than enough for her sore leg! I don't know that anyone really enjoyed themselves as it was just way too cold!!!


dani said...

hi, tanya:)
samuel and tayla are just precious. i didn't know that tayla had hurt her leg; i hope it will be all healed very soon!!!
i was wondering... in what sport did jaimie excell. it is very impressive that her name for her achievements has a permantent spot:D
i hope your weather will clear up soon. we have plenty of heat and sunshine here to share... have a great evening!!!

Tanya said...

Hi Dani,

Tayla's leg is not too bad, one of the teacher's made her continue running after she hurt it so I don't think that's helped!
Jaimie excelled in all areas... high jump, long jump & especially running, they receive points for coming 1st, 2nd & 3rd, whoever ends up with the most points is crowned age champion & because Jaimie wore that crown for three years she was chosen as house captain! As for the rain.... not clearing anytime soon, it's days like this that make me long for summer :)

T xxx

Tanya said...


speaking of Jaimie... she left a comment on the post I did for her birthday, if you have time have a read, it's just beautiful!

T xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Tan,
Glad to see the sports day photos it bought back memories of our days there together with our little ones, Well done Tayla and Sam, Like the new house shirts!!
Love Rach xx

Amanda said...

What lovely and wonderful kids you are blessed with. Good job Mum!
Lovely photos. Hope the leg is feeling better soon.
Amanda xx

Amanda said...

Taylas leg that is!!!

Tabitha said...

Wow ~ that looks like a great sportsday!! I know that my 2 children really enjoyed theirs ~
What fun!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXXXX

kristen said...

What a great way to spend a birthday.
Love the last photo with the teacher all rugged up and the kids in shorts. !!!

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