Sunday, 13 July 2008

A beautiful gift....

More snail mail has arrived!! this time from Tania in Belgium! Thank you so much Tania... it was a beautiful gift to receive! Thank you to all my friends for all your wonderful gifts via snail mail!! xxx


Amanda said...

Thats lovely Tanya. Tania is certainly a very gifted lady! I love the card and the little homemade tag.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Amanda x

Tanya said...

Amanda what makes it even more beautiful is the words are hand stitched, Tania is indeed very gifted, this magnet makes me smile every time I walk past my fridge & that is many, many times a day!!

T. xx

Tabitha said...

That is just gorgeous ~ she is a very talented lady indeed!!
I had one too with twinkle twinkle stitched ~ they are gorgeous!!
Mine has pride of place on the fridge now (away from Lauren ha ha !!).

I have tagged you over at my blog ~ just a little bit of fun ~ if you want to pop over and join in
love and hugs Tabitha XXXXXX

dani said...

isn't snail mail great:D i love all my snail mail friends so much (with or without the mail:)!!! tanya, the card and magnet are awesome. tania is so talented, creative, and sweet. and... so are YOU!!!

Jenni foo foo said...

why is everybody sending you amazing things? I want some... :) You're so loved!

Tanya said...

Jen, a few of us bloggers swapped details so we could send each other snail mail, it's always a nice surprise to receive snail mail that isn't a bill! I have beautiful friends across the world that truly are the best gifts I could ever receive!

T. xx

Little Sweethearts said...

Hi Tanya,

I'm glad to hear you like your little snail mail surprise!

Great photo by the way. I took a picture of all my little magnets before I sent them out, but Dani's hasn't arrived yet, so I can't post that picture yet or I'd ruin the surprise.


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