Friday, 25 July 2008

The Birthday Boy...

The photos I was supposed to post yesterday! well let's just say I wasn't feeling very well & I ruined dinner LOL!!!! so here's a few from Samuel's birthday.... I still can't believe my baby is 8!!!

Hope you enjoy them :)

Gifts from Nanna & Pop....

Cool Dude....

He's his daddy's boy, love the mismatched pj's lol!!

Love this little man...


Amanda said...

What a handsome little fella!
That's a great picture of the two of you together, i would frame it and show it of proudly.
( i would love to get a pair of those Vans for my eldest! )
Amanda xx

Hannah said...

Aweh, I love these pictures :D
My brother, Max, is eight. I can hardly believe that time really does pass by that fast! Before you know it, they'll be all grown up!


Tabitha said...

Beauty Full photos Tanya ~ your boy is totally gorgeous!!
Love and hugs to you XXXXXX

dani said...

such amazing photos of your handsome, little samuel... tanya, you have such a beautiful family!!!
i would love to meet them some day:)
i hope you have a lovely weekend my dear friend. i also hope you are feeling better and that dinner works out better for you tonight. better yet, dine out!!!

Tanya said...

Amanda I think he's quite a handsome man myself, although he does have his moments!

Hi Hannah, yep they sure do grow up so fast! Thanks for stopping by :)

Thanks Tabitha, you know sometimes when I photograph Samuel, I can see the man he will become... but I do wish time would slow down just a little so he can be a boy for just a little longer!

Dani, I am better today thank you!! women's stuff! Dinner worked out last night :D I made pea & ham soup on Thursday but left it for a bit & the split peas um kinda burnt LOL!! but success Friday night it was good!!

I hope I get to meet your beautiful family too!
Have a great weekend, take care,

T. xx

Little Sweethearts said...

I love that last picture of you and Samuel!

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