Sunday, 6 July 2008

Whale watching...

Today we took a chance on the weather & drove down to Byron Bay (we were supposed to go yesterday but it was terrible weather) I'm so glad we did, it was fantastic... we grabbed some lunch then headed on up to the lighthouse & what we got to experience was incredible!!! We saw a few dolphins jumping through the waves & then we saw them... WHALES!!!! they were a fair distance out, I managed to capture some of them... but they were just too far out for my big zoom lens, I was quite disappointed as this was something I had always wanted to photograph!! about 15mins before we decided to leave we saw one & it was very close.. even though it didn't get right out of the water it was still amazing to watch it moving through the water, the kids were so excited but then I think everyone who was there was excited to see these magnificent creatures, I am even more determined to go out on one of the whale watching boats & get even closer to them! It was definitely worth standing there in the freezing cold winds for nearly 2 hours!! Hopefully the weather stays good because some whales have been spotted 100 metres from the beach not far from where we live, so fingers crossed we will get to see them again during their migration north!

Please bare in mind the quality is not that great... some of the whales were a few kilometres out & we were roughly 40-50 metres above the water!! click on them to see them larger :)


Amanda said...

You have captured wonderful pictues Tanya. What kind of camera do you use? I need to invest in a new one. I hope maybe Santa will take the hint!
It certainly looks like a worthwhile day out.
love 'n' hugs to you!
Amanda xx

Tabitha said...

Those photos are just breath taking, how beautiful!!
I adore light houses, I have lots of pictures of them and used to have a huge picture of one above my fire place!! Your light house photo is just great ~ I love it XXX

Tanya said...

Thanks Amanda... I use a Canon 30D dSLR! I'm hoping to upgrade to a Canon 5D dSLR, so I hope Santa is picking up on all my hints lol. they're not at the cheaper end in price but the quality you get is amazing.. with a good lens!!

T xx
Thanks Tabitha... I love lighthouses too!! I'll have to post some more photos for you!!

T xx

dani said...

you must just love living where you do, t... it is so beautiful there, and to be able to just head out to places like this must be amazing.
your photography is remarkable (as usual)!!!
i'm thrilled you all had such a lovely day:)

Tanya said...

Dani... I absolutely love living where we do, sometimes I wish we lived in Europe or the States because of the history & the architecture, but then I realize we have so much beauty here, to be able to drive to the beach less than 10 mins away & capture whales migrating is indeed amazing!!

T xxx

Kara May said...

Oh I wish I lived where you live - gorgeous!! How exciting was this?! Wow, love the images - thanks for sharing!!

david & kimi baxter said...

wow!!!! love the whales and dolphins!!! great shots!!

Mom2My6Kids said...

Those pictures are so awesome! I love the ocean, oddly because I'm terrified of the water, but I am in awe at the thought of a whole unseen world that is hidden by the water. Small glimpses like these pictures are so amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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