Monday, 4 August 2008

Meeting Elise....

It was an absolute pleasure meeting Elise, Troy, Sav & Blake!!!! they are the most beautiful family! I was made feel so welcome... Elise & I chatted away for ages & for me it felt like we have always been friends... Sav is absolutely gorgeous, full of life & so very sweet, baby Blake... oh what can I say... the most handsome little prince, I got to have cuddles with Blake & it was just amazing to be holding this little baby I had only ever seen on my computer screen! the love just pours from this family.. it is beautiful to see them together... they are what family is meant to be! To Elise, Troy, Sav & Blake.... thank you so much for inviting me to your beautiful home & into your lives... to sweet Sav... for your gorgeous sweet kisses & cuddles goodbye they were the best! Elise thank you for your friendship, I shall treasure it always... thank you for a Beauty Full day xxxx

Some Beauty Full memories....


Lucy said...

Hi Tanya,
The photos are just beautiful. I was about to say the last one is just stunning but then, so are all the rest. Elise, Troy, Sav and Blake throughly enjoyed your visit. Elise said she felt as if she had known you for years. How blessed are you both to have found each other through your blogs. Just amazing.
I hope Nick is felling better now and Samual's face is healing. Tania I am new to your blog and have noticed that you have the most beautiful looking children. I just love the picture of Tayla in her header. Just stunning.
Love and hugs to you all

E and T said...

Oh Tanya, thank you so much for your beautiful kind words. I read this out to Troy and got all choked up and teary (happy tears of course)because I think you said the sweetest things.

I certainly had a ball catching up with you and am so happy that we had the opportunity to meet each other face to face. You are a Beauty Full person and I also treaure and value our friendship. I'm looking forward to more catch ups and times spent together.

I did not want to put our meeting on my blog till you posted the amazing photos that you took.

I am so grateful that blogging has enabled me to form a friendship with someone as special, fun, kind, generous and thoughtful as you.

Lots of love

Amanda said...

You are so lucky to have met a blog friend. May your friendship with each other florish. You are only an hour apart? It was meant to be!
Pictures are beauty full, i just love those chubby fingers!

dani said...

tanya, what a lovely time you must have had:) i'm so happy you got the opportunity to spend time with the e's in person!!!
your photos are beautiful!!! i so wish i could have joined you all:D

Tabitha said...

Oh Tanya ~ they are gorgeous photos, I am so glad that you all met up and had a good time.
I wish that I was there!!!
love and hugs to you all XXXXXX

Kat said...

Tanya, the photos are beautiful, it's awesome how you guys all met up!!!

kristen said...

How lucky to be able to meet up. Wish I could have joined you.

It actually seems really weird seeing you both in the same photo ( on the same blog).

It is great to meet people through here isn't it. My best friend Vikki who lives four hours away from me was always telling me about this girl she met named Emma.(through her kids school).

It wasn't until she mentioned Emmas kids names were Kitty and Cooper that I've gone "that's my Emma from blogging" (the loves of my life).

Couldn't believe it but we are planning to go out for dinner one night in Melbourne soon. Can't wait.
Take care Kristen

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

I've been waiting to read this! How exciting to meet up, wouldn't it be fun to have a big blog meet??

Tanya, were those pic's all taken with your camera and what sort is it? They are so clear. I adore the one of Sav giving you a smooch.

How's Nick, any better??


ps, for Kris if she reads this, get your butt down to Melbourne!

Little Sweethearts said...

Oh, I just feel like I could grab that little hand of Blake! Such lovely pictures!!

I'm really happy for you guys that you got to meet in person. Who knows maybe it'll happen to us other bloggers someday (well, after I win the lottery...).


E said...

These are wonderful....

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