Sunday, 10 August 2008

Valiant players...

Is what the U14 A team are! For so many weeks now they have not had a full team! They have done really well considering some of their team mates just can't be bothered any more, so much for team spirit!!! They had a fantastic game Friday night & they won yay team!! Then today, like last Sunday (these Sunday matches are makeup games due the rain) half the team don't show up.... some text Roy 15 minutes before the game starts to say they can't make it! I'm sorry but I am totally peeved about this... why do parents sign their kids up & believe you me it's not cheap, only to not make an effort, especially with the away games... you sign you make a commitment not only to yourself but to team mates & a coach who are counting on you to be there for training & matches! Last Sunday they had 8 players & chose to be defeated the hard way over forfeiting the match... today they had 9 thanks to someone making an effort to help out his mates, I'm angry today.... so bloody angry, that the opposing team who are over all winners mind you, had the audacity to put our players down, laugh when one of our players received a nasty knock to the head & continued to play on, such a champ... who thought it was ok to play dirty with fists & what's really disgusting the parents of these kids were just as bad no WORSE they should know better! Now this team scored goal after goal, not all that hard considering their opposition were down 5 players & several were sick or injured, so me being the mum that I am made it very clear what I thought of their son's cowardly efforts on the field!!! I have never seen such disgusting sportsmanship!!!!! To our boys & girl I'm am so very proud of all of you.... you have shown true courage & team spirit, you can hold your heads high & although the other team scored the goals you guys are the real winners!!!!! Samuel felt so bad for his brother that he ripped of his jumper & said I'm ready to play mum, i can play just as well as anyone out there! Bless him... you know he is right.. this boy has a heart for the game!!!! Now that I have had my say & have gotten that off my chest here are some photos of both last Sunday & today... Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend :) xxxx

I'm proud of this kid, he plays with a sore ankle every game & limps for the next or so, but he gives it his all...

Half time, these kids make me so proud...

He really wanted to play....

From last Sunday...

The boy listening to his iPod....

She really is just too cute....


Little Sweethearts said...

It's sometimes hard to see any "fair play" on the field.

My son plays soccer too. I think he and Samuel would get along great.


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Whats kind of world are we living in these days, bad sportsmanship in kids comes from watching their shocking parents. It's sad to think that our kids have to grow up around people like this isn't it?

You have every right to be VERY annoyed, I would be. Hopefully your week improves,


E and T said...

Hi Tanya

You have to wonder why some parents do bother signing up for a season when they seem to be incapable of fulfilling their obligations to the team. This is so disappointing for the players who are commited.

As for your opposition today, they can hardly hold their heads up high and say they had a true victory. They won because they had an unfair advantage. It would be interesting to see if they still would have won if both teams were competing with the same number of players.

Hopefully next season will see more commited players join the team.

Lots of love and hugs

dani said...

i feel so bad for your team, tanya... it's a bad situation all the way around; isn't it!!! i wonder if the kids who don't show up to play even realize the ridicule their team-mates face because of THEIR absenteeism???
then there's the way the other team behaves... it was inexcusable the way they played and acted; much less inexcusable was the parents involvement in unsportsmanship conduct!!!
you are so good and right to lift your team and praise them for their effort and conduct. you are totally correct, your kids ARE the real winners!!! i hope they realize it:)
sleep well with sweet dreams, my beautiful friend!!!
ps your photography is awesome!!! where did you find those gorgeous models???

Hannah said...

I used to play sports, and I know what you mean. You would give it your all, and then you would lose because of four or five people that didn't care enough to show up. Quite a shame, really.

Those are great pictures, Tanya! And Tayla looks so pretty in that picture :D


Amanda said...

Great action shots!
Parents like that annoy me too Tanya. There are times that i would like to teach them a lesson!!!

Tabitha said...

Tanya ~ what can I say ~ I just love your photos ~ wish I could take them as well as you do!!!
love and hugs to you all XXXXX
PS ~ The last photo of your daughter is so sweet ~ she is just so pretty!! XXXX

meganxxx said...

Hi Tanya
I am an avid reader of your blog and just wanted to say what a beautiful family you have!I cannot beleive the way some people behave any day Tanya let alone at childrens sports. Just comfort yourself in knowing that your are teaching you children how not to behave. Commitment in sports is huge and even if my kids have lost interest I have always made them finish out their season, term, year, to the best of their abilities. Your kids obviously can see the differences between the other parents and theirs.
Take care

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