Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Totally Adorable...

Have been sorting through photos for a project... have found some totally adorable photos of the two little ones, gosh they have grown so much!!!! The quality is not so great as they have been scanned in, but doesn't stop them from being so cute!!!!!
Well the news from the Orthodontist, they all have very healthy teeth, but they all need braces at some stage! Sam & Tayla will be monitored every six months or so, & Jordan will have his braces on very soon, so next week he's off to the dentist for a check up & to have a tooth repaired, some enamel has not formed properly, but the tooth is very healthy so that's great! then Jordy needs to have two teeth removed to make some room in his mouth & then back to the orthodontist to get things started... eventually he will need his wisdom teeth out, as there is simply no room for them to come through, once Jordy has his braces on we have to look at booking Nick in for surgery to remove his wisdom teeth.. so all in all it wasn't too bad just shy of $ 6 000 but it's all good, can only imagine when Sam & Tayla have their braces on how much they will be then, so I'm thinking I probably will own part of the orthodontist's car by the time we are finished LOL!!!!
On to my computer, Apple have finally said enough is enough & they are sending a brand new computer our way... yay... hopefully that will be the end of our computer troubles!!!!! I hope everyone has had a great day :) xxx

This time though they look better without clicking on them, otherwise they look very grainy :)

5 1/2 yrs...

5 yrs...

1 & 3 1/2 yrs...

2 1/2 yrs...

21 mths...

2 1/2 yrs...


Amanda said...

Wow! $6000 for dental treatment! Your purse will be alot lighter now! haha!!
Those pictures are just beauty~ full Tanya.
Hope you have a great day,
Amanda xx

Tanya said...

Thanks Amanda! Tell me about it, $ 6 000 would get me a nice holiday LOL!!! but you gotta do what you gotta do!!

Have a great day :)

T. xxxx

Little Sweethearts said...

Do you mean you have to pay $6 000 for the braces from your own pocket? Doesn't the health care system pay you back part of it?

I love looking at pictures from when the kids were little but don't do it often enough, maybe I'll have to do my Memory Lane Monday more often. Your kids look so adorable! And Tayla's hair: my oh my!


Tabitha said...

Tanya ~ they are such precious photos ~ I just love them all!!
love and hugs XXX

Tanya said...

Tania, we claim some of back through our Private Health Fund, then we can claim again at tax time so it's not too bad, just the initial outlay is kind of OUCH!! I love walking down memory lane... so many Beauty Full memories :)

Hi Tabitha, they are so precious!!! I love looking back at photos of my family & seeing how much they have grown, & I love the memories :)

take care my beautiful friends,

T. xxxx

dani said...

the orthodontist bill is a scary one; isn't it, tanya!!! we paid the very same thing for katherine's minus our dental insurance (which isn't great for braces)...
the photos you shared are precious (i didn't see this post earlier). tayla looks as much like a doll as her doll does in the last photo:D what i wouldn't give for her skin. she is just flawless:)
ps are you guys feeling any better???

Tanya said...

Hi Dani, thank you!!! No change in Nick yet, he's got an appointment with the doctor tomorrow so we'll see how we go, Jordy's good so are the twp munchkins, Roy's off to the doctor tomorrow just to get checked he says he feels fine (yeah.. right!!!!) I'm ok, very tired not sleeping too well.... but hay you just gotta keep going :) thanks for asking my beautiful friend!
I hope you have a great day :)


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Just love the mother daughter shot, you both look gorgeous together.

As for those teeth...arrggh, I'm so not looking forward to those bills!


Tanya said...

Thanks Em :) yeah those dental bills are never pleasant!!!

take care,

t. xxx

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