Monday, 11 August 2008

I'm over WINTER.....

Seriously I am!!!! It has been very cold, our overnight temps have been getting down to 4 degrees & up to about 18-20 degrees through the day.... not freezing I know but it is very cold none the less!!! Nick has been back to the doctor today, he is simply not getting any better, he had one of his coughing fits the ones where he can't breath in the doctors surgery, I was totally freaked out while his doctor sat there ever so calmly... I felt like an absolute idiot while wiping away my tears, he regained his composure looked at me and said "it's alright mum I'm ok"!!!!! so typical of Nick never worried about himself & never ever does he complain about being so unwell... he is on his second course of antibiotics & heavy duty steriods, he really needs his health to pick up soon he is going into week 4 of being unwell, he is tired from all the sleepless nights, he is tired from all the coughing, he is TIRED full stop, so we are hoping & praying that this new medication works & works soon!!!
Tomorrow & Wednesday all the munchkins are home, much to Tayla & Samuel's disgust, (they love school so much!!!) Tuesday, Jordan, Tayla & Sam are off to the Orthodontist... Jordan will be having braces put on very soon & the two little ones are just having the Orthodontist check their teeth, I fear they will both need braces in the future! Wednesday the kids get the day off school for the Ekka ( a big show with rides, animals, show bags etc, etc,) in Brisbane, we have our own show on the Coast at the end of August, it is much smaller & is enough for the kids, they have a few rides, eat disgusting show food, choose sample bags & watch the fireworks at the end of the night & it's 15 mins from home.... perfect!!!! That's provided no one is sick, Roy & I have the start of the flu, Jordy is not feeling 100% & the two little ones are absolutely fine! they wear no jumpers at school, constantly forget to put their slippers on & say "it's not cold"!!!!! just TYPICAL!!!! Well I've run out of tissues & it's time for medication & a hot cuppa & some yummy apple & walnut loaf hubby brought home.... just hope I can taste it!! I really am over WINTER!! Take care :) xxxx

A few photos of my boy....


Amanda said...

I was wondering what your winters are like! Getting down to 4 degrees is chilly, but i'd be happy with your daytime temps for our summer! Thats shorts and t-shirt weather for us!
I'm sorry the little one is still unwell. Is he using nebulisers? I hope that he gets better soon. It's not good that your feeling ill too, so i hope you are feeling all better soon.
Your pictures are lovely, and i don't think i have seen one of your oldest son. He is very handsome.
Love Amanda x

dani said...

nick is such a handsome guy, tanya!!! i really hope he starts feeling much better soon. i can't believe you are all starting to get the flu; i hope samuel and tayla are able to steer clear of it!!!
i wish there were something i could do for you all... i WILL say a prayer and send WELL wishes your way:)
may you and yours get plenty of rest tonight with sweet dreams of warm days!!!

Little Sweethearts said...

I hope the weather gets better soon since it's probably not helping Nick's current health issues.

That last picture is so Beauty Full.


Tabitha said...

Oh Tanya ~ hope that it is warmer for you soon!! I always get so confused ~ we are in the middle of summer here and you are having winter there!!
love and hugs to you XXXXXX

Lucy said...

Hi Tanya,
Great photos as usual. Sorry to hear that nick is still not over his asthma attacks. Hope this time the medication does it's job. I know it has been colder this year than most but the days are just glorious. I love when the Ekka is here because we get to have strawberry icecreams almost every day at work. I make it my bussiness to find out the contact number for the icecream stand closest to our pickup point. We then place an order and send my youngest staff memeber to collect them. YUM!!!!.
Hope your flu doesn't hand around too long. A slice of the walnut loaf will make you feel better.
Love and hugs

Tanya said...

Amanda, Nick uses the nebuliser when he needs it, usually at night after his puffer, he is so not one for having his photo taken, but he will always participate when I ask him to!!!

Dani, he would blush big time if I told him that! but he is a very handsome young man!! thanks for your prayers that in itself gives me great comfort :)

Tania, the weather has played a huge part in his asthma this time round, so hopefully they say another week of cold weather then it's going to start warming up!!

I know what you mean Tabitha, I always get confused about the season, day & time LOL!!!

Hi Lucy, thank you for your kind words :) we're hoping Nick gets better asap! Yes the days are just gorgeous, how lucky are you to get ice cream almost everyday yum!!!!

thank you everyone,

love & big hugs to you all
t. xxxxxx

Jenni foo foo said...

love love love these pics!!!! You're so talented!

Tanya said...

Ah Jen, thank you.... you are too kind!


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