Thursday, 14 August 2008

3am Thursday...

And i've been awake for hours!!! i have a million & one things dancing around in my head, so no sleep for me, which i know i'm going to regret in a few short hours :) the house is so quiet, just the humming of the filter on the fish tank & the faint sound of traffic on the highway! So to all my friends out there in the blogging world for whom it is daytime....I hope you all have a wonderful day :) xxx

see it larger... so much better :)


Tabitha said...

I have been like that the last few nights ~ I was up until 3am the other morning on my laptop ~ too much on my mind too!!
The photo is just gorgeous ~ your girl is totally beautiful!!
love and hugs to you XXXXXXXXXX

Amanda said...

I love the picture ~ very cool and beauty full in her shades!
I hope you get a chance for a little shut eye this afternoon :)

dani said...

hey, t:) i hope it is a million and one happy things dancing!!! my sleep habits are crazy all the time; but i do hope you will be able to get some rest. tayla looks like hollywood in this photo:D

meganxxx said...

Poor you Tanya-I hate those sleepless nights. Mind you sometimes the absolute peace is exquisite!
I hope you get a nanna nap in today.

Ps gorgeous pic-she is a beauty.

Take care

Little Sweethearts said...

I hope you fall asleep soon. Starting the day tired is not a great way to start the day.

Sweet dreams,

Tanya said...

T. yeah the last few nights have been yuck, we think there is something in the medication that my body doesn't like! I hope you get a goodnight's tonight :)

Amanda, no such luck for any shut eye, haven't been home until i picked up the kids from school, it's been go, go, go all day... i think she is very beauty full too!

Hi D.!! yeah mainly happy things dancing around :) I love this photo of my Hollywood girl :) no rest though too busy for that!!! off to bed very early tonight!!!

Hi Megan, thanks she is a little bit special :) sleepless nights are no fun, but the peace as you said is exquisite!

Tania starting the day tired is so not good, although I must say i didn't feel too bad after only a couple of hours sleep, but i'm really feeling it now!! hopefully in a few hours i will be having sweet dreams!!

take care girls :)

t. xxxxx

Vanessa and Kara said...

It must be the week for late nights lol. I'm over it ~ I blame the Olympics.

I am so behind with blogging atm due to a dead laptop but Tanya, I just wanted to say that your blog makes the love that you have for your gorgeous family so clear. You are so proud of them and they all look so happy and loved ~ it's just really nice to see (and read).


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