Friday, 15 August 2008

Very Special Birthday Wishes....

For Jordan (Dani I knew you'd guess who it was!!) our boy turned 14 today!! The photo from the previous post was taken when Jordy was 4 days old, it was the day I was leaving hospital to go home & I was extremely emotional, I didn't like to leave my little man in hospital.... so the nurse in intensive care suggested we take a photo, she came up with the idea of putting my wedding ring on Jordy's little finger... she said "your ring will always be the same size & Jordan will grow bigger & stronger everyday" which made me sob even harder!! So today is a day, back then we weren't sure would come... & even though this boy knows how to push my buttons & push them well... I am beyond happy that this day indeed did come! tonight Jordy is playing his last game of the season, so we will be going out for dinner tomorrow night! I'm hoping to do his birthday photos tomorrow there was simply no time this afternoon & I am feeling absolutely exhausted & not too well.. so hopefully there will be more tomorrow!! Happy Birthday Jordy we hope your special day was an awesome day!! love you sweetheart xoxoxoxo :)


Tabitha said...

Tanya ~ that is so sweet ~ your little boy is a not so little 14!!
I can't wait to see the photos, hope he has a great time.
lots of love and hugs XXX

dani said...

i thought so, tanya!!! your babies don't change much they just get more handsome (beautiful). the shape of baby jordan's eyes gave away who he was;)
i hope you have enjoyed the day:D

kristen said...

Happy birthday mums special man. Hope you have a lovely weekend together.
Love Kristen

Amanda said...

He was tiny, but look at him now!
Happy 14th Birthday Jordan:)
Hope you are feeling better soon Tanya.

meganxxx said...

What a gorgeous boy!
Happy birthday Jordan-hope you all have a great night!
Tanya-get well soonx
Take care

Emma-Kate Castricum said...


He's gorgeous, he really as. How cute was he in hospital? It must have broken your heart to go home with out him.

Hope he head a great day,

Love em

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