Wednesday, 20 August 2008

They Love Me...

Through all my faults & there are many! they love me for me! They don't care for the things their mama does... they don't care how my hair is or what clothes i wear, they don't care about the car i drive or whether i need to lose a few kilos, they don't care what brand of make up i use or what perfume i wear, or whether i wear jewellery or not, but they do care about ME! I give my all for my kids, nothing comes before my kids, nothing!! I have sacrificed so much for my kids & i'd do it all again in a heart beat, they are my everything! they make me proud each & everyday, they do drive me crazy at times, but i love them none the less! I try to make them proud too, by looking after myself, taking pride in my appearance... i always put a little make up on each morning & as you know i wear perfume everyday & i think they are proud of their mama, just little things i hear from time to time, like one of their friends might have said how pretty i looked or how young i look LOL!!! so i guess it makes them proud! So regardless of all my self doubts & faults they love me anyway LOL! These photos make me so happy! I love Sammy's big smooch's they are the simply the best!! & my girls (well two of them anyway!) they are just gorgeous, today as i have looked back at photos to share with you these ones stood out for me, (don't worry i have plenty more to share :)) I am blessed... not only with beautiful children, but with children that love ME!! I hope this makes sense!!! I'm still catching up on my sleep, so i'm sorry if it's all over the place! Goodnight everyone, take care.. xxxx

(click on them to see them larger :))


Tabitha said...

And that is just how it should be!!
I love the new dark blog look ~ it is really nice!!
Love the counter too ~ christmas here we come ha ha !!
love and hugs XXXX

Hannah said...

It's just the way it's supposed to be :D
I love the pictures, they're all great :]


Amanda said...

You do look great! Your kids should be proud of you, your a great Mum!
Amanda xx
( like your new look )

E said...

Ohhhh.. arent these all lovely your are truely blessed.. Love the last one. the girls.. and love the new look to your blog and are you kidding me there are only 127 days til Christmas? Yeesh

meganxxx said...

Gorgeous photos Tanya! Don't you just love how unconditional and non judgemental the love of our children is?
Mind you i have been told by my darling son that you are so beautiful mummy but just a little bit fat and a little bit skinny!!!

Look forward to more pics
Take care

dani said...

i love that they love and appreciate you, tanya:) you are so deserving!!! you are a gorgeous woman and a beautiful soul...
ps. those photos are so sweet:)

Little Sweethearts said...

I suppose kids can see through our appearance and love us for who we are, just as we can kiss our children even when they are covered in dirt and have runny noses.

You look very pretty (and very young!) in those pictures.

I'm also looking forward to Christmas and now each time I come visit I'll know exactly how many more nights I will have to sleep!


kristen said...

Gorgeous photos
Gorgeous Post

Love Kristen

Vanessa and Kara said...

What a beautiful post from a beautiful Mummy!!!


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Of course they love you, what's not to love??

I still think you look far too young and too good to have all of those kids.

I understand the sacrifices you'd make for your kids, I'd do anything and everything in my power for mine. The surprising thing is there are other mothers out there who I know who don't always share our views on our love and the lenghts we'd go to for out kids.wierd isn't it?

Still think you look far too amazing to have had all of your babies!!! He he

Dana said...

When I transferred video tapes to DVD, I watched nearly all of them! From the time Will was born to present! It was sooooo emotional!! It's amazing to realize how fast time flies! Seems like the one who gives you the most trouble when they are little is the one who will be closest to you when he grows up!!!
l, dana

Kara May said...

I love these photos! What a gorgeous family - you girls are stunning!

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