Wednesday, 13 August 2008

From My Albums....

The beautiful Miss Dani asked me if I scrapbooked! Scrapbooking is something I love to do... I haven't scrapped in awhile but I am hoping to change that, the kids love looking through the albums so after I've finished this post I'm going to grab some photos (I had these printed before the kids went on holidays with the intention of scrapping them ha ha!!!) & my supplies & start a new page for my albums!! I guess because I have literally thousands of photos it is very hard to know where to start, but if I don't make a start they will forever stay in shoe boxes & on discs never to be seen, apart from the ones that make it on to my blog LOL! so here a few I've pulled out of the albums to share with you! :) xx


The inside, there is hidden journalling in the pocket!


dani said...

these are GREAT, t, you MUST start up again!!! don't let all your amazing creativitiy (and your mailings) go to waste!!!
i cannot wait to see more (prod, prod;)...

Tanya said...

Thanks D.!!!! I'm working on it, will be posting some more, & my new ones (wink) :)

love to you & yours,
T. xxxx

Amanda said...

Those are lovely. I don't think we have any local craft shops were you can buy things like that. You have a great talent Tanya.

Tabitha said...

They are just gorgeous Tanya ~ it has made me want to have a go at scrapbooking ~ I just wouldn't know where to start though!! Any tips would be gratefully received!!
I have lots of photos ~ so there would be no problem there ha ha !!
love and hugs to you XXXX

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh my Tanya, your so creative, it put's me to shame. I'm hopeless at arty things, I mean really hopeless but your pages are AMAZING. The kids must love looking at them.


Tanya said...

Amanda, thanks!! maybe Tabitha knows where you can source supplies, I know it's getting big in the UK, maybe google scrapbooking, there is more than likely an online store you can order from :)

Thanks Tabitha :) Good places for ideas are the internet, magazines & your local scrapbook shop for classes if there's one near you, probably starting with recent photos is a good idea, while the memories are still fresh, you could start with photos taken over your holiday.... & go from there... it can simple or as elaborate as you like, but you
don't have to scrapbook every photo & there is no wrong way to scrap, if you love it then thats what counts & the kids will love looking back though their albums mine do... even the big kids :)

Em, thank you, but you are way too kind!! believe you me I'm not very creative me nuts for days or longer, but the kids do love to look through them & read the stories that go with the photos especially from when they were younger & have forgotten or don't remember those occasions, it makes them happy which in turn makes their mama happy :)

take care everyone,

t. xxxx

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