Thursday, 23 October 2008

What's up...

With Blogger???? Just so you all know I have visited your blogs & tried to leave comments but for some strange reason I can't!!!! I have been able to comment on only one blog, go figure... so I haven't forgotten about you all just can't comment :)


kristen said...

Not sure.
I haven't had any trouble with it.
Computers!! sometimes they take up so much time trying to figure them out!!

Tanya said...

I have no idea!!! it only seems to be the blogs where the girls have changed the backgrounds etc. doesn't happen on the blogs that haven't been changed!! who knows!
t. xxx

Hannah said...

Don't you just hate it when things like that happen? I find it to be very frustrating!
Computers can be so lame, sometimes.
But, we probably couldn't function properly without them nowadays, sadly.


dani said...

i haven't had any problems, either??? who knows??? love the photo of your movie star, t:)

Amanda said...

She looks so grown up in that picture!
I didn't notice that blogger wasn't working, but i haven't been on it all day!

Does it come in pink? said...

OMG, Tayla looks like a teenager in that picture, how fast is she growing up? She's gorgeous!

Have a great weekend,


Little Sweethearts said...

I had problems too, but they seem to be gone now. Phew. I had problems with yours too (aha, but you changed your background not so long ago, didn't you? ;)

Love the little red spotted purse.


Funky Photography said...

I think mines ok??? And, yep shes growing so fast love the one of her jumping in the air! Oh and love her dress! Perfect! XXX

Lucy said...

Hi Tanya,
Glad I missed all the blog problems as I have not logged onto my computer for a few days. Another stunning picture of the model girl Taylor and trendy to boot. She is so beautiful.
Love and hugs

Nikki said...

she looks stunning!!!! i love the outfit :)

told u id come on here and leave comments :)

love ya xoxox

E said...

Shes so pretty

Tabitha said...

Just popped back over to say hello ~ Hope that the computer gremlins are all sorted out now.
Take care,
love and hugs Tabitha XXXXX

Vanessa and Kara said...

Oh Tanya ~ Tayla looks adorable.

I had blog problems a few weeks back ~ I couldn't log in and consequently, post, leave comments, edit etc.

Hopefully you'll be able to post soon!


Jenni foo foo said...

How strange!! I have missed'lre always such a fab commentor! :)
Love her coat and purse with a passion!!!

Kat said...

That is very strange :/
Well, I hope things get fixed soon :D

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