Sunday, 12 October 2008

Their Eyes...

Get me everytime! these photos were taken nearly 2 years ago on the summer holidays.. none of the kids have the some colour eyes, they all have varying shades of brown.. not one of them got my my blue/green eyes!! although Samuel does have the slightest touch of green in his! Anyway just playing with these photos & thought I'd share them with you :) xxxx


dani said...

i wish my photos looked so awesome when "playing around" with them!!!
samuel and tayla do have great eyes, t:)

Amanda said...

Great pictures, striking eyes and just the cutest kids!
My eldest has dark brown eyes, but my other 3 have bright blue eyes.
Amanda x

Kate said...


My middle guy has brown eyes but the other two are like me - have greeny sorta coloured eyes....

Love your kids names by the way - particularly Samuel...because I have one too!


k8 xxx

kristen said...

Beauty full photos.
What type of camera do you have they are stunnning.

PS love the hair. Very nice. Hubby must surely love it by now!!

Jogirl said...

wow these are fantastic photos, your kids are very beautiful.
cheers from a local, Jo

E and T said...

Hi Tanya

Wow, your children do have very captivating eyes. Absolutely gorgeous. You are able to capture such stunning images. Very precious.

Your new hair cut looks fabulous. I love it. Is your hubby used to it yet?

You have so many beautiful photos of your treasures. You are one talented photographer.

Lots of love and hugs

Tabitha said...

Your kids are just gorgeous Tanya ~ lovely lovely photos
love and hugs XXXXXXXXXXXXX

E said...

WOW they have amazing eyes.. you sure do have some gorgeous kids

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