Saturday, 11 October 2008

How sweet...

Is my baby girl.. this photo was taken at my brother's wedding just over 4 years ago.. I can't believe how little Tayla is! I searched everywhere for the perfect dress for her to wear, this dress was it... simple but elegant & the perfect colour for her! (then again this girl can wear any colour & they all look fabulous on her!!!) I don't have many photos of Tayla in her gorgeous dress as I was a bridesmaid so I was kind of busy... & this isn't the best one but I LOVE it... you cant really see her face clearly, but it doesn't stop my baby girl from being totally adorable :) xx

click to see it larger... sorry it's not the best photo or the best quality, but she's so cute it doesn't matter :)


dani said...

tanya, she is sooooooooooooo sweet, and (you are right) she looks beautiful in all she wears because SHE is beauty full:) but, the dress you chose was exquisite and so feminine...
you know, in this photo, her little face reminds me a lot of samuel; they really do resemble, and both are darling!!!

Lucy said...

Tanya, where did you find this beautiful frock, it is just gorgeous, but then again so is the stunning little girl who is wearing it. This mauve is exactly the color I had for my bridesmaids many years ago.
I do love your new hairstyle. It is so trendy. Is your hair naturally straight and you have it permed or the other way round? Love love love the picture of Taylor in her new hat. Just stunning.
Love and hugs.

Kara May said...

Oh...beautiful!! Isn't it crazy to think that she's grown and matured in those 4 years. She's growing and her beauty is intesifying (she's adorable back then too). You are a blessed mommy!

Hannah said...

That is definitely the perfect color on her, Tanya! She's a gorgeous little girl, for sure!


Amanda said...

Your daughter could wear a plastic bag and still look so pretty!
That dress is just the sweetest. They just grow up so quickly.
Amanda x

Little Sweethearts said...

Tayla looks gorgeous and I think you are right about the colours: I've seen her in soooo many different colours and she always looks good!

Tabitha said...

Oh how cute she looks!!
I sometimes can't believe that my children were ever as small as they once were ~ time sure flies on by!!
love and hugs XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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