Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Birthday Wishes...

For my sweet friend Tania! Happy Birthday Tania :) sending you big birthday hugs & best wishes for a Beauty Full day filled with lots of love & happiness.... beautiful memories & maybe a surprise or two!! :) xxxxxx


dani said...

love and knuffels,
dani xxxx

E and T said...

Hi Tanya

I just stopped by Tania's blog to wish her all the best for her big day.

A birthday post on your blog is such a sweet and very kind thing for you to do.

Now I am off to catch up on some of your other posts.

Lots of love

E and T said...

Hi Tanya

I have been lurking on your blog but it seems as though every time I go to write a comment one of my cherubs needs me.

Your beach photos are spectacular. It makes me feel so blessed to know that this kind of beauty is on our doorstep.

Our temps certainly have been heating up. Your photos show just how inviting our beaches are. What kind of board are you thinking of getting?

I laughed when I read that you hang your washing a certain way. So do I, I am very "particular" when it comes to my washing LOL.

Your photos from the show are so fun and vibrant.

I have not been to Dreamworld for years, but Troy and I have been thinking of taking Sav and Blake there. Although I know Seaworld has a kiddies area, so we might be better off going there instead.

Your boys are brave to go on the Giant Drop, but you are braver to say that it didn't look that bad!! I'm not that much into going on rides, although I get a thrill out of watching others on them.

Lots of love and hugs to you.

Little Sweethearts said...

Hi Tanya,

I just logged on to blogger to post the blogpost I prepared when I saw on my dashboard... a picture of myself on your blog (I follow your blog, so I can see your latest updates), so I had to come here first!! Thank you so much for your kind wishes. Be sure to check my own post later, there's a little surprise there too...
I'm off to post it now!

Love and hugs,

E said...

While I dont know Tania.. I too would like to wish her a happy birthday

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Tania!!

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