Monday, 13 October 2008

Hot Air Balloons....

We often wake to these hot air balloons.. we were watching these ones at 6.30 this morning.... the blue, white & red hot air balloon was right above our house.... it was so close!!! The kids thought seeing the "fire" when they were descending was very cool!! It was the perfect morning for hot air ballooning... a beautiful way to start the day for some very lucky people!!! xx


Hannah said...

That's very cool :D
I've never seen one in person, but it would probably be wonderful to be able to start a day like that!


Dana said...

Thanks for checking in! I love your photos! The balloons are great and I have always thought your children's eyes are beautiful! I guess the brown eye gene is pretty dominant in your family! I have friends in Melbourne, AU now! They are teacher's with the Future Problem Solvers organization. They are having a great time! Wish I was with them!!!
l, Dana

Amanda said...

But i think i would be just a little bit scared being on one :-/
The kids must of been in awe seeing one so close.
Amanda x

dani said...

great pictures, t:) i don't have any desire to ride in one, but they are beautiful at which to look!!! it's awesome that you all get such an up-close-and-personal look:D

Tabitha said...

Great photos ~ what a nice suprise to see out of your window!
love and hugs XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Kate said...

I'm with Amanda on this one. I think these are amazing contraptions and look fabulous fun but I'd be way too scared to actually go in one!

Gorgeous start to the day...wish I got up that early ;P



E said...

how awesome to wake up to these.

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