Thursday, 9 October 2008

She is....

The Imelda Marcos of HATS!!! Tayla has soooo many hats... this is the newest one for her collection! how totally adorable is it??? I had just bought her a new dress... when leaving the store I saw IT!! she tried the hat on & that was it, back to the sales assistant who knows me only too well lol! but how could I not the hat is so her! This photo makes me oh so happy :) xx

click on it to see it larger... you won't be disappointed :)


Amanda said...

A girl can never have enough hats! ( or bags and shoes! )
She is such a pretty little girl Mum:)
Amanda x

Jen said...

That is so darling! How fun for you to have a little girl that loves to dress up!

Jen said...

I love it! You are so lucky you have a little girl that lets you dress her up!

dani said...


Hannah said...

I love it! You're right, it is SO HER!


Tabitha said...

She is a girl after my own heart!!
I love shoes and hats and clothes ha ha !!
Hope all is well over there with you
love and big hugs XXXXXX

Funky Photography said...

My Aunty told me I was an Imelda Marcos - maybe its just a girl thing! I go through fazes, one day shoes, the next day hats - before you know I've taken up the whole wardrobe!

E and T said...

Hi Tanya

Tayla is stunning. She makes the hat look beautiful. Gorgeous, gorgeous photo.

Now that our weather is warming up, I am also on the lookout for more hats to match Sav's clothes. We have a couple of standard hats that she always wears outside, but I want to buy some more that are a bit more dressier.

Lots of love

Little Sweethearts said...

Some girls just look good with hats. Tayla is one of them!


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