Friday, 21 November 2008

"Red Dress"..

Well here I am posting (about time!!) life has just been a little crazy, Nick's had his Formal, his 18th & his Graduation Night, I've been doing Sheye's workshop & there are so many other things going on I haven't really had a chance to get on here much, have been trying to keep up with everyone's blogs, will be catching up again later tonight! Here's just a snippet of what I've been up to.... back later :)


Hannah said...

Oh my, the dress is gorgeous!

We all understand, Tanya! We all have our busy times where we can't find times to do things like blog. It happens.


dani said...

wow, t, that is gorgeous!!! are you loving the workshop??? i started to do it then changed my mind as i'd need a better camera than i have right now:/
i hope all is well:D
ps i'm realy off to bed, now:b

Kiera said...

I just saw your evolve submission and followed the link to your blog. Your daughter is gorgeous and this dress is lovely. This twirling picture is especially beautiful. Nice work!!

Vanessa and Kara said...

Welcome back lovely :)

Gorgeous pic of your girl ~ I hope things settle for you soon.


Amanda said...

I LOVE that red dress!!
You have been so busy ~ so it's hardly surprising that you haven't had time to blog!
It's nice to have you back though ~ i have missed you.
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

So great to have you back Tanya ~ I have missed you!!
Gorgeous photo ~ totally gorgeous daughter you have !!
Love and big hugs Tabitha XXXXXXXX

Kat said...

WOW! the dress and daughter is gorgeous!

Dana said...

Great photo!! I have GOT to do that workshop! Is is hard to keep up? Are you leaning quite a bit?

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