Friday, 28 November 2008

Formal Photos...

I took these photos a few days before the Formal.. I'm so glad I did, it absolutely bucketed on the Formal night (at least we didn't have to worry about hair & makeup!!) Seeing Nick all dressed up really did a number on me!!!!.. I could see him on his Wedding Day!!!.... fortunately that's awhile off yet! It's so hard to believe that our first born son is already a young man!!

The night of Nick's Formal was held at The Royal Pines Resort at Ashmore.. Nick arrived in style in an Aston Martin!! A big thank you to S for taking time out of his busy schedule & driving Nick to his Formal!! There was a little commotion when some of the photographers realized it really was an Aston Martin pulling up lol!!!! Nick had a great night celebrating the end of school!!

My favourite car.. & not just because "James Bond" drives one!! (although that does help!) lol :)

Nick got a little nervous when he arrived, & opted to get out just before the entrance where hundreds of people were waiting for their children. grandchildren etc, to arrive... even S told Roy it was a little daunting arriving to such a huge crowd!!


dani said...

nick is so handsome, tanya:) i hope he had a great time... he certainly was stylin'... car, suit, et. al.!!!
much love,

Amanda said...

What a handsome young man ~ he will be a great catch for some lucky girl!
Wow ~ i wish i had THAT car!!!
Amanda x

Kate said...

Ooooh - he is gorgeous!! Love the Aston Martin too....what style.

You have the most yummy looking kids!


Little Sweethearts said...

Now that's what I call arriving in style! A day to remember, both for Nick and the rest of the family.


Tabitha said...

What wonderful photos Tanya ~ what a handsome young man your son is and wow what an amazing car!!
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXXX

Tabitha said...

Hi Tanya ~ I have left a little message for you over on my blog ~ hope it makes you smile!!
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXX

.E. said...

These are awesome Tanya..

Funky Photography said...

Gosh tanya he looks like his Dad! Wow!

kristen said...

You really should be a photographer. Your photos are fantastic.
Hope to catch up more in 2009.

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