Friday, 12 December 2008

Gorgeous gifts from afar & School's out for the Summer...

This week has been busy.. with last minute things to do before the kids finish school for the Summer, going to the movies, coffee dates & lunch to celebrate a friend's birthday & it's been tiring... but so much fun!! To top of my wonderful week, two packages have arrived from afar!! Tabitha sent my gift which arrived the other day, I opened the package read the beautiful cards & placed the gift under my tree... the kids kept bugging me about opening it, so I did!! I absolutely love my gift Tabitha!! my favourite chocolates (still unopened!!) & a gorgeous silver star, which I'm going to hang my keys on, that way I'll never be able to loose them :) Next gift to arrive was from Amanda. The kids are asking me how come you're getting these gifts & from overseas???? so I told them about my Snail Mail friends.. they said "how cool!" & "it must be wonderful to receive gifts from your friends around the world," I told them that the gifts were wonderful, but it's the friendships that are special!! Anyway Amanda sent me these gorgeous products for some pampering over the holidays.. they smell heavenly especially the lip balm!! Thank you so much Tabitha & Amanda :) I have lots to post, I will be back hopefully Sunday afternoon, Roy & I are having a night in Surfers Paradise Saturday night complaints of Jaimie, thank you baby!! we leave in the morning & will be back Sunday around lunch time.. I will be posting something special so stay tuned :D xx

From Amanda...

From Tabitha...

School's out for another year!!! I can't believe we are here again.... time seems to be speeding up!!! I got a few of the two little ones leaving for their last day of school... we were running very late, it was raining & they just wanted to get to school! I was going to get them coming out of school but again it was raining.. So that's it school's out for the next six weeks... yay!! No lunches, uniforms (except for Roy!!) no screaming "we're going to be late" & no school run!!!


dani said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS gifts!!! aren't they great??? you are going to laugh when mine finally gets there (hopefully before Christmas; the postmaster assured me the parcels would be in australia in 7 days... so, hopefully;).
i cannot believe it's summer; so much for a white Christmas down under, huh??? does it ever snow in australia, t???
the kids look great and happy for summer break. i hope you will ALL enjoy it!!!
much love,
ps that close-up of tayla is absolutely gorgeous!!! i don't know how she does it; but she gets prettier and prettier with each photo:)

Tabitha said...

So pleased that you liked them ~ I am glad that all my snail mail seems to have arrived safely now!!
Love the pictures ~ your children are gorgeous!
My 2 finish school next friday ~ 19th Dec and are off until 5th Jan ~ so that is a nice break. We are hopefully heading off to my Mums on 20th or 21st, Haven't decided yet!
Take care ~ love and hugs XXXXX

Amanda said...

I'm glad the gifts arrived in one piece! I'm i'm even glader (i don't think that a word!) that you like them!
I hope the kids have a great summer break, they are a couple of great looking kids.
Amanda x

Little Sweethearts said...

Funny how your picture of Tabitha's present looks almost exactly like mine (same lay-out)! I'm trying to save the chocolates for Christmas eve, as a special after dinner treat for the family.

PS: I got your beautiful ornament yesterday, thank you so much! I've taken pictures already, but still need to put everything together for a blogpost. I'm working on it!

Kara May said...

Aww...this post is warm & fuzzy. Love this time of the year. Still trips me out to think that you are entering summer there - so hard for me to wrap my head around that. The internet makes the world seem so much smaller (in a good way) :) Hugs and Merry Christmas Tanya!!

Vanessa and Kara said...

You so deserve your gifts Tanya...

Your kids are all so gorgeous ~ I hope you all have the best Christmas together.


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