Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Well it's only an hour & 48 mins until Christmas here in Oz anyaway!! I've been flat out the last couple of days... shopping, shopping & more shopping & had my hair & nails done, priorities I tell ya LOL!!! Now as I sit typing & drinking a Crown Lager (beer!) it's still so hot & I still have presents to wrap! Tonight we've had a lovely roast turkey & pork with baked veges for dinner, yeah I know crazy considering it was nearly 37 degrees before lunch! & the thunderstorm has done nothing to cool things down! I just wanted to wish my blogging friends a very MERRY CHRISTMAS I hope you all have a wonderful day with your families :)

Must go, take care my friends :))))

Tanya xxxxx

The Santa photo, gosh they're just so cute :D


Lucy said...

Hi Tanya, I hope your home is filled with happiness and your hearts are filled with love this Christmas time and always. Not only are they cute but very atractive children as are all your family.
Love and Christmas hugs to you all.

Little Sweethearts said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Tanya!

Love and hugs,
PS: I love Tayla's dress!

Hannah said...

Aweh, they look so sweet in that picture :) I love Santa pictures :D

Hahaha sounds like our past couple of days :P If I never see the inside of a mall again, I'd be just fine! I don't think we have one present wrapped yet, and we're opening them tonight!!
Better get a move on this....

Have a great Christmas eve!!


Tabitha said...

Gorgeous photo of your gorgeous children.
Merry Christmas Tanya ~ hope you all have a fantastic day ~ you are wonderful and you deserve it!!
love and big hugs Tabitha ~ Daniel and lauren XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

dani said...

i hope you had a very, very merry Christmas, tanya!!!
much love and many hugs,
dani xxxxxxxx
ps that photo of samuel and tayla with santa is ADORABLE:)

Amanda said...

I hope you and your lovely family all had a wonderful day. And i hope Santa brought you all lots of goodies too!
That's a lovely picture of Sam and Tayla. I love Tayla's dress

SuzanSayz said...

Hi Tanya, thanks for commenting on my blog!
You have a beautiful family. I really love the Santa Photo with your children. It's hard for me, living in the Pacific Northwest part of the USA, where Christmas and wintertime are synonymous, to wrap my mind around it being not only warm, but HOT, at Christmas time.
Seeing children wearing sun dresses and shorts in a Santa picture is such a kick to me. I love it!
I hope to see more of you and your comments. I love adding new people to my little corner of the Blogoshpere so thanks for introducing yourself. I always keep the light on!

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