Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Our Christmas..

Christmas Eve...
Well we did some last minute shopping, the kids went swimming, we had roast turkey & pork with lots of yummy baked veges, craziness I know considering it had been around 36 degrees when I started cooking.. not nice!! A storm rolled in & it rained for hours so the kids couldn't sprinkle reindeer food, which they weren't too happy about!! I fell into bed at 2.30am Christmas morning only to be woken TWO hours later!!

In their new pj's, Sam's covering his ears because of the thunder :))

Pretty lights...

The storm approaching, so not pretty!!

Christmas Eve cuteness..

The hair.. alot shorter & yes it's red :D

Christmas Day...

Christmas Day started very early... 4.30am to be exact!! We held them of for a little while lol!! We opened our presents, had a leisurely breakfast, then the girls came over for more presents, then it was off to have lunch with some of our family, more food & the best eggnog ever :))) All in all I think everyone had a wonderful day. Boxing Day (no photos) we had the Ryff Family at our place to celebrate Chris's birthday (Roy's older brother) it has been a tradition ever since I can remember, even though Chris does not like the attention so much.. I think he does enjoy the fact we get together to celebrate his special day! At the end of the day I was exhausted & so ready for bed. Since then we have just chilled at home the kids in the pool & me in the a/c lol!!! it has been very hot indeed this Summer! xx

Sam with his new Roborapter..

Tayla's Pandora bracelet, love the handbag charm :))

Playing a new DS game..

Loving his new toy..

They truly are the greatest gift of all!

The family :)))


Accyee said...

how lovely! the pictures are all so colorful and the gifts are all wonderful:) i bet you had a brilliant time during Christmas!

Christina Celeste. said...

you all are so cute. seriously.

I remember being young and waking my parents up around 4 am too!

hahaha! I thought I was the only one...


kristen said...

Gorgeous family photos. You inspire me to take more of my family as a group.
Tanya your hair looks great.

Wishing you a great 09.
Take care

Hannah said...

I love your hair, Tanya!! It looks so great!! I love the red :)

It sounds like you had a great time (even if you hardly got any sleep :/)!! I love the pictures! You have such a lovely family, Tanya!


Tabitha said...

The photos are all great Tanya ~ you all look wonderful ~ you look gorgeous in the photo Tanya and your hair really suits you, the cut and the colour are fab!!!

I got a similar bracelet to Tayla, only mine is made by Chamilia ~ and I got a few charm beads too!

Looks like you all had a wonderful time.
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXX

Kara May said...

Oh I love all of these shots! You are so incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful loving family. WOW! I love seeing their pictures on your blog - their personalities beam through your photos!
Hope you had a fantastic Christmas! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your images in this new year! XOXO

Jenni foo foo said...

love the family picture!!! And all of your gorgeous kids!

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