Sunday, 31 January 2010

Nearly the end...

Well we're almost done, today is the last day of January & the PAD is coming to an end! Yesterday's photo was not my intended photo for the day, but when I found these two playing in the rain {if you could call it that!!} well how could I not take photos!! Sam is such a character, he's always hamming it up, especially when the camera is around!! Yes I know he is wearing a singlet that is way too small, I wash it & put it away in the pile of clothes that are too small for him, but he keeps pulling it out & wearing it, he says he likes his red singlet... who am I to argue with that! Tayla & Sam said the rain was cold, but they ended up playing in it until it stopped simply because it was nice & cool being in the rain... can't say I blame them, it's been so hot lately!!

Day 30... love the facial expression!



Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Tanya!! Love the expression and the too-small singlet! He is so full of character:) Vx

Kristy said...

Om my gosh I love it!!! The expressions are hilarious!! Love how you can see the rain drops!! It's called A Singlet? I have never heard that, we call it a tank top :) Funny!!!

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