Tuesday, 12 January 2010

More from today..

Just a few more from today! Her daddy saw these tonight & couldn't believe how much she has changed! He asked me where our baby girl had gone! Tayla will be a teenager next year... so hard to believe!

Tomorrow we are off to spend some time cuddling with Avah & hopefully we'll get some photos... fingers crossed!!



Amanda said...

Your pictures are amazing Tanya ~ even more so with such a beautiful girl in them.
It's hard to believe just where the time flies too!
A x

beauty full said...

Wow, those pictures, and ALL your pictures are stunning. I lovee frangapanis, gorgeous. If you get the chance check out my blog www.thoseblissmoments.blogspot.com :)

Anonymous said...

Hello My Dear Friend,

I love this photo Tayla has grown into the most beautiful young lady time is flying by! As you know these are my favourite flower and what a lovely way to see them!Missing You Take Care Rach xx

meganxxx said...

Well, like you havent heard it before, your children are DEVINE!

Your photos are amazing Tanya-I just wish you lived closer to take photos of mine!!!! Oh gee i loooove the fringipani and jasmine-every time i smell or see them now I will be reminded of you!!!!

Take care

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