Friday, 8 January 2010

2 Days Old..

They're not the best photos as they were taken with my iPhone!! Avah is 2 days old in these photos! We called in to drop off some teeny tiny outfits for Avah, Sam & Tayla couldn't resist having cuddles with Avah & I must admit that I couldn't resist either!! Sam even asked if we could take her home, we're all totally in love with this sweet tiny bundle! Things are going really well, Avah had her hearing test yesterday & passed with flying colours, she is a little jaundiced but Jaimie says she's looking less yellow today! Avah is feeding & sleeping well so Jaimie's able to get some much needed rest! Jaimie is a complete natural when it comes to being a mummy & I'm so proud of her.



Vanessa and Kara said...

Oh Tan.... she's just gorgeous. I want one.... :P xx

Lucy said...

She is just gorgeous and obviously very much love. Avah will never go without lots of cuddles and kisses.
Congrats to all again.

dani said...

avah is so pretty, t...
much love,
dani xxxx

meganxxx said...

Oh Tanya I have tears in my eyes..... She is absolutley devine and your love for your children and grandchildren is so evident! Love to you allxxxxx
Love to your beautiful brave daughter,she has learned everything she needs to be a mother from one of the very best-you. xxx

Rachael said...

Tanya, she is devine, she is surrounded with much love, Congratulations again,Hugs to you, Rach xxx

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