Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Introducing Avah Rose...

She is here!! Avah Rose, born 6.44am, 5/01/10, weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces & 52cms long! I'm so proud of Jaimie, she had been in labour for around 26 hours with little sleep & delivered her beautiful baby girl naturally using only gas to help ease the pain! There were a few times I was close to tears... it's hard watching your baby girl go through labour, knowing exactly what she's going through wishing so much to be able to take her pain away... knowing that you can't! Jaimie & Avah are now home where they can settle in & at least get some sleep! Needless to say I'm absolutely & totally in love with Avah & her name suits her perfectly, she has lots of black hair, she's beautiful & she's perfect! We're feeling very blessed to have 6 beautiful children & now 2 gorgeous grandbabies & they're exactly 9 months apart to the day!!!
I thought it was only fitting that today's photo for the January Photo a Day should be of Avah [& Nana of course :D] To everyone who has kept Jaimie in their thoughts & prayers... Thank you, it means so much!

Avah Rose...

Day 5..



Little Sweethearts said...

Congratulations to both the proud parents and grandparents!!! She's so tiny and beautiful, just like her name.

Love and hugs,

Lucy said...

Congratulations to the loverly parents who have produced a very beauty-full girl. You are indeed very blessed to have this gorgeous little girl to love and cuddle. Avah is a beautiful name and I agree with you that it does suite her. She is just gorgeous as all your children are. You look too young to be a granny.
Love and hugsXO

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