Monday, 18 January 2010

Days 13-17.

As I post this today at 8.21am, it's already so hot here on the Coast! I started the housework early, but even at 6.30am the air was quite hot & thick! it's not going to be a pleasant day today! Time to close up the house crank up the air con & just chill... pun intended!! I have all the kids' books to cover with contact and all the pens, pencils etc. to name... this is NOT one of my favourite things to do! I can't believe the holidays are nearly over, they have gone so quickly this Summer, Sam & Tayla are more than ready for school to start!!

Here are days 13-17.

Day 13. Love her gorgeous squishy little face.

Day 14. Always fun with bubbles.

Day 15. Cupcakes, a delicious treat anytime :)

Day 16. Showing me how to Bunny Hop! & yes he's wearing the same clothes as day 14, but they were washed :)

Day 17. Sand dune jumping at the 'The Spit' Sam loves doing this, I lost count as to how many times he ran to the top of the dune & jumped!!



Vanessa and Kara said...

Those photos of Avah just make me melt... I can't stop staring at them.

I LOVE the last pic of Sam.... you're so talented xxx

Funky Photography said...

awww tanya they're just incredible images, love the light and sharpness!!! xxxxx

Little Sweethearts said...

Your pictures are so beautiful!!! It's great that you are so back into blogging (I should really get back into it myself), so we can enjoy those stunning photographs!

I can't imagine the weather being so hot. We've had snow over here for a few weeks but it's all gone now. It was fun while it lasted though! Wish I could toss you a snowball or two ;-)

Love and a big hug,

dani said...

oh my... how gorgeous and handsome:)
much love,
d xxxx

Rachael said...

WOW - I am always blown away by your gorgeous photo's you are so amazingly talented what a gift!! Avah melts my heart she is devine.
love to you xx

Lucy said...

Love love love your stunning photography but then again you have the most gorgeous subjects. Avah is just beautiful. Hope you are enjoying every hug and kiss.
Love XO

Kristy said...

WoW!!! Love them, especially the squishy baby :)
I have that blankie too~ Love IT!!!!

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