Monday, 22 September 2008

What we've been up to....

Dreamworld... a few weeks before the holidays, Gold Coast show long weekend, Friday was a public holiday, we took the kids to Dreamworld in the afternoon, they always have a fun when we go, but this time I think dad might have had just a little more fun than the kids! I had a couple of rides too... I went on the Rapid Ride & the Stingray, I'm not a ride kind of girl so this was huge for me lol!!! Roy went on the Giant Drop with Nick & Jordy, me & my big mouth, said it didn't look too bad & will have a go next time where are there! maybe not lol!!!!! so here are some photos from our visit...


Hanging with dad on the Stingray..

Surfer dude...

Considered extremely CUTE!!

Riding the rapids..

gotta wonder who the bigger kid is!!

Thrill seekers on the Giant Drop...

Some furry cuteness..

More furry cuteness...

Always some sweetness..


dani said...

that looks like great fun, tanya!!! i'm not a ride kind of person, either; so, i could have hung out with you and taken pictures, tee-hee!!! i'm so happy your 2 week break has started out so awesome:)
ps i love, love, love your new avatar picture!!! you look absolutely gorgeous:)

Vanessa and Kara said...

Ditto to Dani ~ your new pic is lovely.

There is NO way I'd go on most of the rides there lol ~ Kara and I go to Queensland anually and thankfully she's too small for them. We have a pic of her on that surfboard too ~ very cute:)

Hope you are doing well Tanya (and that Miss J is too...). xxx

Tabitha said...

Looks like you had alot of fun!!
Love the photos!!
love and hugs XXXXX

Little Sweethearts said...

Gorgeous pictures as usual! K. and I go on practically everything (mainly because we don't want to leave the kids alone on any of the rides).

I read your comment about Jamie on Dani's blog. I'm happy to hear that she is doing so well (under the circumstances). You must be superglad to have her back with you!


Lucy said...

Hi Tanya,
I loved the wild rides in my younger days too. Just love all your beautiful photography especially the ones of your beauty full family. What a great way to kick off the school holidays. Hope Taylor is doing well.
Love and Hugs

Amanda said...

First of all, i love your new picture!
Now, that looks like a fun place to visit!
If we are ever lucky enough to visit Austrailia that a place to visit ~ after you!!
Amanda x

kristen said...

What wonderful photos.
I cannot wait to take the boys there in years to come.
PS love the beach photos too.

Jenni foo foo said...

LOVING these pictures!!!

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